Philadelphia Wedding Planners…Weighing in on the Royal Wedding

As a wedding planner in the Philadelphia area…I feel like I am almost cheating on my job by not following or keeping up with all of the latest happenings on the Royal Wedding.  The truth of the matter is, is that this is such a heavily talked about subject, that many of us readers are plum tuckered out and exhausted with all of the minuscule details;  such as Kate Middleton’s weight, who Prince Harry will be bringing to the wedding, and many others.

A good portion of the population knows many of the details and history of the Royal Wedding.  Many of the sites that I have looked at say basically the same thing.  Details on Kate’s dress is still hush hush and will be until the day she parades down that aisle of Westminster Abbey. She has special rooms in the palace for couture houses where she can get fitted for her dress in the privacy of the palace walls.  I do guarantee though that Kate will not be following in Princess Diana’s footsteps when it comes to her wedding attire.

Besides Kate’s dress the other most talked about subject is the royal couple’s invitations.  1,900 invites were sent out-those who were invited are hoping that it is like their college acceptance letter.  The fatter the envelope the more invites you received to possibly attend the Queen and Prince Charles parties.

1 invite- ceremony

2 invites- ceremony/Queen’s reception

3 invites- ceremony/Queen/Prince Charles reception

The invitations lacked some luster, which is strictly my opinion.  Very simple, nothing like the invites many of us have seen now-a-days.  There were a few invites, I saw on Martha Stewart  that were very similar to the royal wedding invites with a tad more flair.

Martha Stewart Crown invitation, $2,569 for 100 invitation suites

Royal Wedding Invitations

In some aspects it is hard not to get overly excited about all of the press and media this topic is being given.  Everyone is talking about the trends that this wedding will bring over the next 2 years.  Good Morning America just did a fashion segment on Thursday about how to get “Kate’s looks for less”.

I do have to chime in to say that some of the trends that are being forecasted, were already being done; such as donations to charities.  This has been going on for some time, however more couples may start nixing the wedding registry and asking guests to donate to their favorite charities.  The amount of exposure donations to charities is being given by the royal couple is incredible.  I am sure many of the charities are extremely grateful.

It is really a toss up though when it comes to weddings.  Many couples want the experience to be different for their guests, possibly out shine the last wedding they were at.  I cannot see any one couple trying to have the same wedding that Prince William and Kate will have.  No couple wants their guests walking away from their wedding being like “been there done that.”  Couples are looking for new and fresh ideas that they can add their own flair to and have their wedding be a reflection of their personalities.

Simplistic and traditional wedding plans with a touch of glam/modern features is what you will be seeing for the royal wedding and over the next few years.

We have seen more couples that we have worked with cut back here and there, but are still able to select upgrades that will make their wedding unique to them.

Those of you bride’s out their that are budget conscious, no worries! You can have a lavish wedding just like Kate & Prince William-with your own unique style.  Anything is possible-even if you have a tight budget.  You just need to decide what is most important to you when it comes to your wedding.

May you feel like royalty on your wedding day and everyday!