Something Old vs. Something New

Here at Philadelphia Event Planners and Mainline Event Planners we LOVE new ways to make our clients weddings totally unforgettable. Wedding traditions are changing- and we are always on top of the latest trends! We have some great tips on how to put a modern spin on your special day and blow your guests expectations out of the water.  Read ahead to be inspired!


No two brides are the same. Tradition says the bride walks down the aisle in white (you can thank Queen Victoria for this- she started the trend circa 1840 and it became an instant staple of wealth and class). However, not every woman has the fantasy of wearing a bright white gown on her wedding day. We ALWAYS encourage our brides to stay true to their fabulous selves and showcase their killer personalities, and what better way than to wear a custom, colored wedding gown? Ladies, there are NO rules saying you have to get a white dress! Take inspiration from some of our favorite celebrity weddings. Jessica Biel glowed in a petal pink Giambattista Valli gown,  Cynthia Nixon wore a custom pale green Carolina Herrera dress, and Avril Lavigne showcased her signature rocker style in a black Monique Lhullier gown.

Cynthia Nixon


Fashion runways are feeling the heat of color fever as well. This past spring, renowned designer Vera Wang released a collection of wedding gowns done entirely in red, with hues ranging from crimson to dahlia. Sexy, bold, and totally modern- the collection received rave reviews.  With designers like Vera showcasing these daring new looks, more and more brides are jumping on the trend. Pink, red, and blue are the most popular choices for colored gowns, according to a recent poll, but go for whichever color speaks to you!


Shimmer and shine in a gold gown for your glam New Year’s Eve wedding, or pop in bright citrine for your balmy July afternoon ceremony by the sea.  Don’t want to completely give up that iconic white dress but still want to stand out? You can always add a colored sash to your waist (think Khloe Kardashian- gorgeous white Vera Wang and a lilac sash) or take a tip from Gwen Stefani and wear an ombre style dress, as she did in her custom white and pink Christian Dior wedding dress (which, by the way, is so fab that it is now on display at the Victoria and Albert Design Museum in London). As long as you feel confident in your choice, go for it!

Another way to be a bold, modern bride comes with one of our favorite parts of the night- dessert. Traditionally, the bride and groom gather in the center of the room around their tiered wedding cake, cut the first slice, and feed it to each other. Modern tradition is all about changing up your sweet treat. We have some fabulous ideas for you to consider!


To tie in your personalities, reflect upon your favorite places and things to do. What speaks to you as a couple? Maybe you’ve both grown up going to the Jersey Shore as kids- why not a boardwalk inspired dessert display? Saltwater taffy, funnel cake, mini waffles & ice cream, a multi flavored fudge display- the sky is the limit!


You can also customize your dessert to the season your wedding is taking place. A laid back, summer wedding would be perfect to host a pie buffet- cherry, peach, apple- so delicious! Serve with vanilla ice cream and watch your guests drool with delight. Getting married in December? Have butlered hot cocoa (add a shot of Bailey’s for a spiked version!) and a spread of yummy cookies inspired by the holiday season.



Did you and your college sweetheart meet in French class? Take that inspiration and serve macaroons, petit fours, crème brulee and champagne. It’s elegant, totally unexpected, and has a meaningful story behind it. Bon appetit!



Another way to personalize your dessert? Tie in your heritage. Italian? Set up a taste of Italy- mini cannoli, tiramisu, and shots of limoncello.


If cake isn’t your favorite dessert- don’t have it! New tradition is all about personalizing your wedding- it’s a day you and your partner will ALWAYS remember, so make it completely yours!


Old tradition says that throwing rice is the norm for the bride and groom’s exit (back in the old days this was to send wishes of fertility and prosperity.) Have your guests wish you well with some fun new twists!


Throwing confetti makes for amazing pictures… the colors are super fun, and you can even find biodegradable confetti to use.


A balloon release is another great idea for pictures. You can incorporate your signature color and it adds a touch of whimsy for your guests to enjoy.



Throwing lavender is perfect for those nature gals looking for an earthy edge. Lavender also has a beautiful fragrance- bonus!

For a magical grand exit after your nighttime reception, have a sparkler send off! Provide sparklers for your guests to hold as you make your way to your getaway car. It makes for truly magical pictures and you’ll feel like a princess off to her happy ever after!


Here at Philadelphia Event Planners and Mainline Event Planners, we encourage our couples to celebrate their style and incorporate it into their big day. Tell us your story and let us figure out the rest! We’ll be sure to make your event one to remember. Something old, something new, whichever tradition you go with- we’ll make it fabulous!


Lindsay Grindrod