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Top 5 things we do for our engaged clients!

5.  Put together a stellar team.  We help you identify your budget and your vision and once we have that clarity we will assemble the perfect team for you… Photo, video, entertainment, transportation and so much more!


4. We bring the “NO Stress” rule.. When in doubt-book a day at the spa and leave the worry to us.  We will help plan a stress free wedding!  Sit back-enjoy!

no stress

3. Design and create!  We totally understand that you don’t know the names of flowers but you spend 78 hours a week on Pinterest (follow us)!  Send us your boards and we will decode them for you!


2. Organize everyone… Yes the logistics and transportation schedule alone could make you crazy!

blue bride

1.  “We fix it!  As Laura says… I knew that if any problem arose I could just ask for your advice and you would tell it to me straight.”


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Philadelphia Event Planners has many packages to offer.  We can help plan it all or just a few hours of extra help on your wedding day!  Call us today!

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