Throwback Thursday | Dominick’s 5th Birthday | Philadelphia Event Planners

It’s time for a little Throwback Thursday!  Although, I do not have my own children yet- Dominick and Christopher were in my wedding and are practically as close to my own kids as I can get right now! Every year for the past 4 years I have helped Karen pull of some pretty awesome kid party themes!

As we gear up for Dominick’s 6th Birthday (which is today!)- I wanted to reflect back on last years birthday because it’s not everyday, you have a Super Secret Spy Party!

doms 5th bday

We traced Dominick’s foot so that guests could get in the mind set of being a spy  as soon as they walked in the door!

foot copy

Our spy’s then checked in and got their finger prints done and picture taken for their badge!

When going under cover- you have to have a disguise- guests colored baseball hats and we had glasses and fake mustaches!

dom mustache



One of our signature games at our Kid’s Parties is an adventure! Complete with a colored map for each child that is dyed to make it look old! My husband and I are sometimes delirious when we created this concept 4 years ago for Christopher’s birthday! Karen loves it and each year it is our favorite thing as the gear up for when we do the kiddos birthdays!


A few of the stops along the way!  Train to be a spy agent by doing exercises, climb through the lazers- be careful not to hit any of them so you do not blow your cover!  Get your magnifying glass out and search for clues! Find the briefcases and win prizes along the way!


Our Final Stop is the balloon drop for a job well done at being a Super Awesome Spy Agent!








The many perks of having a cool Mom & Aunt who are party planners!



Happy Secret Spy Planning! Call us today to talk about your next Birthday Party!  Stay tuned for Dom’s Care Bear Birthday Party!