Local Persoanl Training Studio tapping into wedding market-Philadelphia event planner

A few weeks ago I met with Kelly McCaulley and Christine Griffith of Vertex Fitness in Bryn Mawr.  It was to no avail that I was tied to Kelly from when I first met her at DuPortail House back in September.  Kelly is a Sigma Kappa from the University of Delaware and I am a Sigma Kappa from Albright College. Go Figure that we would be eventually working together.

I won three free workouts while attending a Bridal Show at DuPortail and Kelly & Christine have been trying to get me in there since October.  Life unfortunately happens to all of us- and I was unmotivated with the winter doldrums upon us.

If anyone tells you that you can’t get a great workout in a half hour is lying to you!! Yes-and I am letting you know that I was not doing high kicks as if I was trying to be the next New York City Rockette or running until I couldn’t feel my legs-but I felt it in all the right places the following day and in only a half hour.  I felt great and when I told Kelly this she told me “Don’t stop feeling that way every single day.”

I had no idea what to expect when I decided to get motivated and come in for a tour and my first workout- I was hoping that it wasn’t going to be boot camp hell, or too packed with people like you normally see at a gym.

They are all about enriching their clients lives and building a relationship with them.  They are tapping into the wedding industry and want every bride to know that you don’t have to set yourself up for failure- They want you to have the same amazing feeling that you have after every workout on the day of your wedding.  Bride’s… now is your chance to lose that extra 10lbs.

They have been a supporter of the community, attending and contributing to many charitable and non-profit events.  Vertex has recently added another charitable arm called PUMPED (People United in Making Progress through Education and Donation). Each year Vertex picks 3-5 local/regional charities, with ties to their clients and/or friends, and dedicates time and efforts to raising funds for them.  This past year they raised $1,045.00 and dispersed it to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), FARA (Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance), Kids and Hope.

“Vertex Fitness is a privately owned personal training studio located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Main Line. Vertex Fitness offers customized strength training programs to all ages. Staffed by dedicated and professional trainers who are available to accommodate your particular schedule, Vertex Fitness provides meaningful and productive exercise along with practical fitness education. Discover why Vertex Fitness was named “Best of the Main Line” by Main Line Today Magazine for five consecutive years. Let Vertex Fitness help you look and feel better and reach your fitness potential. Call 610-525-6604 to schedule a complimentary session.”

If you have not checked out Vertex Fitness’s blog yet, I recommend in doing so.  So many people get discouraged when working out and don’t see results.  I personally love Christine’s posts.  She really knows how to keep you wanting to learn more about what she is so passionate about.  Let Vertex Fitness Personal Trainers show you how to get the results you want- I know that line sounds so cliche- but the truth of the matter is; is that they are not your normal personal training studio.

Thanks for reading! Make it a Positive Day!