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Kristin Jennings

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My name is Kristin Jennings and I recently graduated from Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. After living in the big apple for four years, I came back to my roots in the city of brotherly love! I’m working on my certification in Wedding Planning and Consulting at Temple University while I’m interning for Philadelphia and Mainline Event Planners and couldn’t be happier. I love to be creative and take risks, which led me to dive into event planning. I love finding new things to do, traveling everywhere, painting my nails and repainting them and taking a ton of pictures!


My motto: “Life’s like photography, we use the negatives to develop so we might as well take some pictures.”




Anna Bruno

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My name is Anna and I recently graduated from Catholic University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I moved to Philadelphia after graduation and finally got a job at a law firm, thinking maybe I wanted to be a lawyer?! Sadly, after two days I realized I hated it. I’ve always been creative and loved planning parties and events. I also love fashion, which of course includes the cutest scarves, sweaters and shoes, shopping, mani/pedis and photography. My amazing boyfriend of just over one year always tells me to follow my heart and do what I love. That’s what led me to quitting my paralegal position and landing an internship with Philadelphia Event Planners! I am super organized and pay such close attention to detail and I believe these two qualities will take me far in event planning. I also love the planning of and building up to an event…then seeing the final product! My motto: work hard, enjoy the outcome! I can’t wait to see what I learn with Philadelphia Event Planners and where it all takes me!


A great quote to live by in life and as an event planner: “Beauty only gets attention. Personality captures the heart.”