The Horticulture Center’s New Face Lift

Check out The Horticulture Center’s Open Houses November 3, 2010 and December 1, 2010 from 6-8pm.  Wait until you see it at night!

From the Press Release:

“The Horticulture Center, a modern exhibition hall and greenhouse, is located in beautiful Fairmount Park.  The Center was built in 1979 and sits on the site of the former Horticultural Hall, an 1876 Centennial Exposition building. In 2005, special events at the popular venue were curtailed when the logistics of managing them caused significant strain on Fairmount Park staff. Boasting both indoor and outdoor space, the Horticulture Center is perfect for social and corporate functions.”

What is so special about The Horticulture Center’s New Face Lift?  Well it’s mainly the fact that their efforts are directed towards being “Green”.  If I told you some of the statistics of what they have done, I am pretty sure you will be surprised or wonder next time you see construction/demolition going on; how much of it is actually being re-used!  75% of the demolition was recycled and 84% of the debris was diverted from the landfill! Impressive? Extremely!  The Horticulture Center is also using Day-Lighting instead of artificial lighting and there are motion sensors in many of the rooms.  Plus did I mention that they have Rain-Barrels for on-site storm water & water conservatories!  That is just a brief insight into what they have done.

The Horticulture Center is now happy to announce that Stephen Starr Events is their EXCLUSIVE  Catering Company and is hosting the unveiling along with other sponsors! Check out their website:

Interested in seeing more of what Stephen Starr has to offer their Brides?  Philadelphia event planners are encouraged to check out their Signature Cocktails, hors D’oeuvres, Classic styled dinner, Main course and how can anyone forget Dessert by Truli Confectionary Arts.  (Click on the link below)

Horticulture Center

Be Sure to check back to see Photos of the Unveiling of The Horticulture Center!

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