Temple Student takes a walk in “A Day in the Life of a Planner”

I would say on a weekly basis, myself, Karen and Kassie get told “So you guys are like Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner?”  We just laugh and say “Well, kind of.”  We aren’t walking around with a headset- for that very reason that, we would get stopped by numerous guests (our job is to blend in and make it look like everything went off without a hitch)- been there done that.  And we do have to admit that J-Lo makes this job look easy and totally glamorous.  After all who does not dream about being a wedding planner?  However, who wants to take on the task and get the permits that you need for the photographer in order to take the bride and grooms picture in the special garden they had their first date, or talk to the township for the zoning regulations for having a tent in your clients backyard- and make sure that when the tent is put up it doesn’t crack the septic line?  Yeah- there is a little bit more involved in being a wedding planner than visiting venues, cake tastings and partying.

As a planner, I do enjoy what I do, most of the time it is fun. However, there is a lot of work to do behind the scenes which is very stressful too. See above list.

We have the amazing opportunity to see different and beautiful venues. I have seen beautiful mansions, elegant hotel ballrooms, trendy restaurants and stunning homes……. When I visit these gorgeous places, it is hard not to start feeling like a princess.  The excitement that our clients start to have when they know that this is where they have imagined themselves getting married is a great feeling.

Being a wedding planner you constantly have to be networking with other industry professionals.  There are so many different organizations for event planners and professionals to choose from, it’s hard to make it to every single industry event in a month. I have recently helped plan and produce an event with the Society of Wedding Planners called “Whose Table is it Anyway”. It was a very fun and enjoyable event to be part of. We had a crazy, fun idea and the most enjoyable part was showing everyone our ideas. Although, it was a long day, after I saw the fireworks at the end of the night and saw everyone’s happy face, I think all the hard work was worth it. That feeling is where my passion to be a event planner comes from.

Last week we went to an ISES (International Special Events Society) event at Citizen’s Bank Park.  These events always have an educational aspect to them but it is also fun when you haven’t been to a venue and you get a tour of the facility.  The food is usually always spectacular (the ISES meeting had ball park food: Philly pretzels, Steak and Cheese, caramel corn and so much more). Like I mentioned before, it is fun to go to different networking events and have tours in different venues.  Although I have lived around Citizen’s Bank Park for almost 8 years, I have never been there. So this was a great opportunity for me to see the place where the Phillies play. I saw the team locker room, the media rooms and all other staff only places. It was very cool, I believe if you are Phillies fan you would be very excited about it.

Besides all the research and networking that we do, meeting clients is part of the day also. We met with our May 12th bride last week at Saxby’s in the city.  A lot goes into planning a wedding- you really have to listen to the client and give recommendations that really fit within their budget and style.

We are constantly on our iPhones , Blackberry’s and Androids making phone calls to discuss details or checking e-mails. Getting e-mails on our phones is sometimes helpful- but you really need to know when to disconnect from it or else you will go insane.  Sometimes, it can be stressful, especially when it is one o’clock in the morning and your email inbox still has half million emails in it and they keep coming.

No matter what type of events we plan, before the enjoyable and fun moments come, it can take days to month to even years for a planner to execute a stellar event. Therefore, when you go to a wedding or a party next time, besides knowing what year the wine you are drinking is, you should also know where this wonderful event comes from. Enjoy and let’s dance.

LaiSze (Ada) Tang