Super Sassy, Super Sweet…Sweet 16 Planners

October 2, 2010- Karen Pecora Events had been working with Lisa to help plan a Surprise Sweet 16 for her daughter Casey.

This dates all the way back to July! We met with Lisa in August to show her what the Luau looked like that Karen did for Agnes’s Housewarming Party.

Casey’s Sweet 16 was going to be a beach theme with a cake done by Cake Boss at the Saturday Club.

Lisa decided on hot pink, bright orange and royal blue spandex linens that gave this beach theme Sweet 16 something to talk about.  There were palm tree cut outs by the soda station, which were displayed in an inflatable raft (very innovative idea).  And a 5ft cut out of Hawaiian natives that everyone could get their faces put in and get a picture. 

Denise Aquilante of Aquilantes Catering decked out the buffet tables with a ship’s helm and patio umbrella.

Karen Pecora Events added glosticks to the feather vases.  We have a variety of glass cylinders and vases that range in sizes and we can custom design any type of arrangement on top (instead of feathers). Prices vary from $45 to $75 depending on how elaboarate they are.

22 hot pink and light pink paper globes were strung from the ceiling and 12 tiki torches were what guests first saw when they circled around the driveway into the Saturday Club.

With the weather we have been having, it might of well been summer in October! Casey was totally surprised and everyone had a blast!

Make it a Super Day!