Stay Calm…5 Tips for your next event

Courtesy of Mark James Photography

#1 – Lounge Around

A great way to keep an event fun and relaxed; that will look like you spent hours planning, is to have a lounge.  Having a lounge at a wedding that encompasses the dance floor is a great idea for some additional comfy seating when guest’s feet get tired after dancing.  Intergrading a lounge at your next fundraiser could potentially boost your revenue.  During a silent auction, guests tend to bid more in a relaxed atmosphere than they would if sitting at a stuffy table.  A real show stopper is revealing your lounge after dinner to kick the party off!


#2- Know the weekend hot spots, clubs etc.

As a party host, when your party is over- keep the party vibe alive by knowing where the Philadelphia hot spots and clubs are in case your guests want to hit the town after your party!  The hottest night life clubs are LIT, Ultra Bar, Rumor, G-Lounge and Stratus, according to DJ Bizz!  A recent party that we had at the Ritz Carlton- had club style DJ…DJ Bizz from CTO Artists is one of the top DJ’s in the Philadelphia area.


#3- Love your feet

You are going to be on your feet for a good portion of the event, whether it be a short speech thanking everyone for coming, introductions or mingling with guests…Make sure you stay put together throughout the duration of your event.  We recommend not getting new shoes but wear ones that are worn in.  You do not want to be seen in pictures with no shoes on the dance floor as the party host.


Courtesy of Ardissa Video

#4- Wow them until the end!

It is just about that time when the music starts to fade and die down at the end of your event.  Our advice,  “Wow your guests until the very end.”  Just when guests think that the party is over and they are about to leave…Have a small snack ready for them as they head out the door to the after party!  Food trucks in Philly are the hottest trend!  Whether it is a signature Philly Cheesesteak, or Philly pretzels…  Everyone is always hungry after dancing up a storm!


#5- Stay Calm Hire a Planner!

With over 17 years of experience, Philadelphia Event Planners have the Philly connections and the understanding in planning and decor to pull it all together… Successfully.  We will make you feel as though you are a guest at your event!  Call us today! 267-773-7510