Sex & Beer….Let’s be Honest! A DIY Valentine’s Day Gift | Philadelphia Event Planners

Lordy Lordy… It’s the same day every year but once again it snuck up on me!  Valentines day!  What to do… What to say.. What to gift? That’s always my last minute dilemma.  I’m always running here and there and take pride on gifting only presents that are “made with love” as Dom my 6 year old says or created to fill a certain need.  Well last week Kassie and I whipped together something special!  What do men want?  Sex and beer!  Let’s be honest!  Since I can’t package up sex.. Beer it is!

photo 5

photo 4

Ran to Staples and picked up blank sheets of labels(we used Avery labels #6470)… Popped open a beer so I could soak the label off an empty bottle to use as a tracer..  Grabbed the  boys box of crayons and markers.  Popped another beer and started to create!

OK…. it’s only a six pack!  We shouldn’t have to drink a six pack to create the custom love labels.  The first two came easily…

Lovers lager
Pale ale for my favorite male
photo 1
The second two we decided should be less generic and a bit more male specific.  We decided on:
Calculating the seconds/minutes/hours/days/ months we’ve shared
A quote that only the two of us would burst into laughter about.

The last two were a combo of the two above concepts…
My favorite picture of us and the final one included a recap of the past, present and future…

A recap that he could easily understand and relate to…
“A day without you is like a year with no beer!”

photo 2


A quick and easy valentine’s day gift that came from the heart and is super creative!
Happy Valentine’s Day! & Happy Crafting!
Karen & Kassie