The Photobooth Challenge- mastering the props

Hey!  Hey!  Karen Pecora here… yes!!!  It is really me!  I am usually so busy being the Main line wedding planner… Philadelphia party planner or fundraising expert for our many non profits in the area that I rarely sit long enough and write a blog!  Today on this rainy day I decided to clean up my desk and found a TON of really great photobooth pictures that I became inspired to share my insight on photobooths. By the looks of the pile of pictures I have had my fair share of experience behind the curtain or center stage in the lounge!  This blog I dedicate to the partiers who step into a photobooth… Coming soon I will weigh in on Photo Lounges!


For years I have watched party guests have a few cocktails and jump in and out of photobooths at weddings, kids parties, family gatherings and fundraisers!  Most of the time they are laughing and having a great time!  Photobooths bring an interactive to your event.  BUT… I have also noticed that only a few people have mastered the photobooth challenge.  According to Tony from VIP Entertainment ( he encourages people to get creative!  Once at a wedding he had a grandfather goofing off with the grandkids – he even held one boy upside down by his feet!  Memories caught on camera.  Here you find us gals with no props just goofy smiles in the VIP Entertainment booth.


Everyone always looks good in the first picture but nothing is worse then missing the last frame… most couples or groups fall apart under pressure.  The countdown between pictures is only 5 seconds.  A few weeks back my husband asked if I wanted to get into the photobooth from Cool Pix ( which as at the Valley Forge Elementary Casino Night.  We previewed the prop table.  I decided to let him in on my “Photobooth Success Tips” that I often keep to myself.

Tip 1:  Know that you only have 5 seconds to look good 3-4 times.  That makes it a numbers game!


Tip 2:  Theme it up!  I mean if you have a prop theme you are more likely to master the look!


Tip 3:  Once you have your theme pick your props… wisely!  Easy on… Easy off is my motto!


Tip 4:  Enter the booth and layout the props (on the floor in front of you) in the same order.  Spread them out so you can grab them with quickness and perfection.  Make sure your partner in crime does the same!


Here’s the result…

Karen and Shawn singing… Karen and Shawn as cops…Karen and Shawn in frames


Mission accomplished!  3 pictures all organized and way cute!


Recently at a bridal show Krista (an intern at the time) and I jumped into a pink photobooth.  This was a 4 picture booth so we needed to really organize our style.

Here we mixed up our team spirit with some drama and cute girl hats but finished it up with a fun in the sun look!  This photobooth was provided by Papa and razzis.  (  I am sure you will agree… These party planners from Philadelphia Event Planners know how to rock the photobooth!


Props on a stick… mustaches, tongues, pipes, cocktails and glasses.  Yes you can always find great props on a stick at Etsy.  (    Goofy yet cute all at the same time!    This booth was from  Quickly pass the props along so all 4 pictures have different poses!  Quick with your hands girls.. go!


Keep in mind the next time you step behind the curtain… most companies offer social media sharing, an album and a CD for the host!  Looking good is not hard to do!


As spring wedding season is in full swing and people continue to drink and pose we hope that our insight and tips will be remembered at weddings.. birthday paries.. fundraisers and each and every place people gather to party!  Party on and SMILE!


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