Philadelphia Wedding Planners take a sneak peak into-Sealed & Delivered: A guide to wedding stationery

Whether you are recently engaged and picking out your invitations as we speak, or if you have already received your invitations; there is a thing or two every bride and groom should know about sending wedding invites.

Invitations are a crucial part to celebrating your big day- even if you decide to DIY, there are a few tips below that may be able to help you in that department, so you don’t make a wedding faux pas.

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At one time or another I was just as clueless as any other bride when it came to choosing/addressing and of course figuring out the price difference between each of the different printing methods.  I thought for sure invites would be the least expensive part of any wedding.  Well…I was wrong.  It truly depends on your style, but I would like to clear something up before we get into the nitty gritty…

Brides- you most likely will not be spending $100 on your invites…it just does not work like that, especially if you want something custom and unique.  Let’s face it what bride doesn’t want to show up their last married friend’s wedding?

There are so many different ways to print invitations.  Each ranges in price from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousands, and of course let’s not forget what should and should not get printed/listed on wedding invites.  Those of us event professionals that are not invitation experts, love handing our clients over to the pro’s when a client asks us for advice in that department.

Meet Christina Carnevale, owner of Paper Rock Scissors and invitation guru!

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Her work is fabulous (check out her website) and her presentation that I sat in on was most informative.  Check out the notes below from her presentation.

If you’re engaged or are just curious to get some more information about invitation etiquette…Well then, you have come to the right place. See Below for what is trending in the Invitation world and so much more.

“Sealed and Delivered- A guide to wedding stationery by Christina Carnevale.”


Q.  When should you be looking at invitations?
A. ASAP- look soon approximately 6-8 months before
Invites should be mailed within 6-8 weeks before the wedding
Destination wedding within 10-12 weeks prior (for delivery purposes)

*TIP* If you have family overseas- Christina says to batch the invites all together and mail them to one address and have a family member distribute them- that way they don’t get lost and everyone will receive them at one time.

Pretty Methods:

Engraved: there is a plate for every single image that is on your invitation.
This is the most labor intensive invite to produce- someone stands at a machine and feeds the paper into the printer individually and it is them hung to dry.
This is the most expensive invitation.

Letterpress: less expensive than Engraved but still expensive.
**Even with how expensive it still is, this form of printing invites is a Hot Trend**

Thermograph: almost like embossing.

Digital: Inexpensive:  Able to print in multiple colors.  Hot Trend**

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Dark Envelopes are a Hot Trend with light colored calligraphy.
Envelope Liners- plain or patterned (even the bride on a budget is choosing this hot trend)
Inner Envelopes- not necessary
Pockets (very neat concept)

Q.  Can I save paper by not having a response envelope and just have an RSVP Postcard?
A. Christina still recommends putting a response postcard in an envelope.  If you have a postcard everyone then   knows where you will be and your personal information is floating through the postal service.  Plus these small postcards get lost in the mail easily.

RSVP- 3 to 4 weeks before weekend wedding

Q. Should I do printed RSVP’s or E-mail?
A.  We still live in the age where not everyone knows how to work a computer.  Plus internet RSVP’s can get lost in cyberspace.

**I know you are all thinking; “they can easily get lost in the postal mail.” Which is true but it will always get sent back to the return address.

**TIP- Keep Everything in one method.  Hard Copy or Internet.  Do Not mix methods.**

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Things you SHOULD NOT put in the Invitations:

No Children                            Gift Registry
Adults Only

Addressing Envelopes

Should be written/calligraphy- it is not proper etiquette to run envelopes through a printer!
Christina always encourages brides to hand write their envelopes.

If you have a B- List: people who wait the longest to RSVP from you’re a list are not coming. Known Fact.

**TIP- Postage is never included in invitation price.**

If you want custom postage it’s a 20% surcharge on top of what you would pay for the stamp.

**Recap of Invitation Trends:
Letterpress and Digital Print Invitations
Dark Envelopes with light colored calligraphy
Envelope Liners (plain & patterned)

Visit Christina’s Website for more information and to check out her work!

Make it a Positive Day!