Philadelphia wedding planners hurricane survival wedding story

“Rain, Rain go away” chimed Jennifer’s 6 year old nephew as Philadelphia was at the mercy of Hurricane Irene.   He was too cute as he sang the song.

Jennifer was excited and so bubbly when we arrived!  I didn’t recognize her from when we first met when she had her hair down.  She was the most ecstatic bride I had ever seen/worked with.  Jennifer had met with Janice Martin of Janice Martin Couture in Ardmore- who took Jennifer’s grandmothers 1920’s vintage wedding dress and transformed it into a beautiful modern masterpiece.  It was sexy, elegant and delicate.  It was perfect.

The Hotel Palomar was at max capacity this weekend- and because it is a dog friendly hotel- both man and beast were taking refuge from the New Jersey shore and surrounding areas.  There was actually a scrappy dog fight in the lobby as we were bringing Jennifer to Avery for their “first look” photo shoot.  As we avoided the two yappy dogs- I positioned Avery on the landing of restaurant Square 1682 within the Palomar.   Passerby’s congratulated Jennifer and complimented on her beauty (she truly was a sight to see).

Michael from Bliss Productions really captured Jennifer’s beauty and the hotel’s ambiance on such a dreary day.  Jennifer and Avery had originally planned on taking pictures at their home in Rittenhouse Square and at 30th Street Station- but Hurricane Irene had other plans.  No worries though, I swear every time Karen Pecora Events does an event at the Hotel Palomar- we find a different space that has so much potential and Michael was able to work right within the hotel.

We snuck the couple into the women’s powder room on the second floor to where my and Karen’s favorite quote was moved to “Nothing but Blue Skies” (we wish all of our bride’s this- Jennifer and Avery were our exception because of Hurricane Irene)

– There were some great nooks and crannies that Michael was able to shoot on the second floor by the elevator and again behind the front desk.

Michael even took some pictures of Jennifer and Avery under a Hotel Palomar umbrella and a very sleek and sexy picture of Jennifer stepping out of the hotel’s front doors.

As we made our way upstairs to take pictures under the chuppah (made by Jacqueline’s Flowers) Jennifer and Avery’s families soon joined them.  Within the next half hour they had signed the Ketuba and they were bound as husband and wife before the actual ceremony.

As Jennifer and Avery gazed into each other’s eyes and said their “I Do’s” this day was only going to go by even quicker.  The couple walked into their reception with CTO Uptown playing in the background.

Jennifer had been practicing for months on a secret surprise for Avery.  Avery loves when Jennifer sings and plays the piano; it was a lovely gift to Jennifer’s new husband as he sat speechless while his bride serenaded him.

 With the blink of an eye- the day was over.  All the months leading up to this special day and the relationship we made with Jennifer was all over.  It was a truly fabulous day despite all the rain and last minute cancellations from guests.  All that mattered was that Jennifer and Avery were finally married and had the love of their family and friends surround them.

Wishing you nothing but the best!

Kassie Budzinski