Philadelphia Wedding Planner

Wishing you the happiest start to 2011!  We dedicate this year to getting to know many couples who plan to wed in the Philly area in 2011!  Every year in January, I remember what it was like so many years ago when I opened my first wedding planning company based out of Ardmore.  I was the youngest main line wedding planner and proud owner of Perfect Weddings.  The first few years we stayed close to home – weddings on the main line were our specialty.  We loved historic mansions and unique venues.  Soon we branched out and serviced brides and grooms in Philadelphia.  I remember the first time I walked into The Ritz Carlton in Center City.  I was so nervous and barely old enough to share in a glass of wine with the parents of the bride – years later I took couples on the hard hat tour before the current Ritz Carlton opened!

I’ve had so many years full of funny stories about couples, families, kids at weddings and of course the drunk groomsmen.  I’ve worked long weekends and I can’t count how many  times in the past decade that I have jumped out of bed worried about a wedding detail or checked my email in the middle of the night.

I remember my first wedding like it was last Saturday.  After the wedding was over the MOB called me to her suite and handed me a check for $500.00 and gave me advice that has lasted forever… “Put this tip money to good use – get rid of the pink and purple and brand yourself true to who you are.”  I laughed and choked back the tears!  That night I went home and tossed away all of the pink and purple business cards and letterhead I had just paid to print.

I have seen wedding trends come and go.  I remember the days of skirted buffet tables and crudite dumped all over a table.  These are two trends I was happy to see never come back.   We look forward to new trends this year which we will post over the next couple of weeks!

I’ve come to meet some amazing business people throughout the years.  The first two people I met after opening my business are two people who I still hold the highest level of respect for!

Darlene Owens Walls of Precious Petals.  We started the same year, we had our first born child the same time, we have shared many memories both in business and in our personal lives.

That same year, I remember opening a wedding magazine and loving the images in the full page ad from Phil Kramer Photography.  I can’t begin to count the number of weddings and events that Phil and I have worked on together.  He was even at the hospital the day both of my children were born.

Over the years I have met too many amazing people to mention all of them and speak of the talent that surrounds me on a daily basis.  I am blessed to be in an industry that truly lives by the words… “We love what we do”

Here’s to many more wonderful couples who will forever hold a place in my heart!!  Cheers to 2011!  We are honored to help you plan your wedding – we will take great care of you so that you can be a guest at your own wedding!