Philadelphia wedding planner, Karen Pecora becomes part of the family!

This past Saturday night I came home from the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia at about 1:30 in the morning and crawled to bed… my feet hurt and I was dehydrated from not drinking enough water all day.  I lie in bed and felt a bit sad that the wedding was over.

I have always loved my job as a wedding and event planner in the Philadelphia area.  I mean – who wouldn’t love to help out with the details on one’s most special day?  Danielle and her Mom, Sandy have a special place in my heart!  I have enjoyed getting to know them.  Here is an email that Sandy sent me over the weekend…

Hi, Danielle and I and all are still basking in all the good feelings of a most wonderful and memorable day. As we reflect, we cannot help but think how much a part of the success of the day was because you were there every step of the way. I had such a comfort level knowing you were handling everything that (even as micro managing as I am) I let go completely and had the best time of my life. Everyone said it was the best affair they had ever been to and the pacing was so amazingly perfect. Danielle, Brady, Steve, and I credit you with this success. In addition, I cannot thank you enough for managing all the emotions of the day, the different personalities, and making sure the focus was on Danielle and Brady experiencing everything they wanted as much as possible without getting swept up in any mishaps or mistakes. That takes a special kind of mature and thoughtful person, a skill that goes beyond knowing the nuances of wedding planning. Finally, I felt your care and concern for my daughter as genuine and I so appreciated having her be in such good hands. My only regret is that you have been such a part of our family these last months that Danielle and I will miss you terribly. We are so looking forward to getting together this last time to process everything. Let me know what works for you this week and we get back to you to confirm a time and date. Also let me know if you think this time we should do this over lunch or breakfast somewhere?  Warmly, Sandy

Look for a full blog when we have some professional pictures!!

Love what you do… I do!