Philadelphia Wedding Planner get’s Engaged!!

“The stakes are set pretty high when your girlfriend, now fiancé is a wedding planner” says Kevin.  “I had to make sure she had a story to tell to her clients, boss, friends and family.”

You did not disappoint Kevin!

It was about a month ago when Kevin stole my planner and wrote “CAN’T WORK- KEV’S SURPRISE” on May 11th and 12th.  I initially thought we were going on a mini vacation since our work schedules usually conflict with one another and we rarely spend time together.

Karen’s first thought when I told her was that I was getting a ring.  I still couldn’t wrap my mind around it since it was back in February when we were looking at engagement rings and I was giving Kevin ideas that I liked.  It was still too soon in my mind to get engaged.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am very patient, but when it comes to surprises, I will do anything for a hint or a clue.  I thought for sure we were going to Atlantic City- so when Kevin told me NO. I was shocked.

So…Here is our Engagement Story from start to finish and everything in between.

Outside the hotel...12hrs engaged!

Kevin and I headed to OCMD Wednesday May 11th.  We went shopping, swimming and went to dinner at Galaxy 66.  OCMD looked so different than when we normally come down in July- it was deserted.  If Galaxy 66 was lucky enough- there were maybe 8 people in the restaurant including us.  It was very romantic, had a great ambiance, fantastic service and not to mention the food was to die for!  We were actually supposed to go here on Thursday before Kevin popped the question but Wednesday night’s dinner option was closed.

Thursday was Game Day! So Kevin was prepping Wednesday night and at 2:00 A.M., Kevin left while I was sleeping to count the steps through the hotel and outside to where he would eventually propose to me.  I guess I must have had too much wine not to notice or even question what he was doing the next day.

Thursday May 12th we hit the beach: packed a picnic (in my new picnic basket I bought just for kicks) and lounged around.  I remember the exact time we left for dinner…It was 7:15 P.M.  We went to Dead Freddies.  I did notice towards the end of dinner that Kevin started to get antsy when the waitress still hadn’t given us our check.  He played it cool and did not stress about the surprise and how late it was.  He just said that he had 1 more surprise when we got back to the room.

The antique box that was buried in the sand

When we came back from dinner he locked me in our bathroom and gave me my iPod- he told me he would be back in 5 minutes.  I even remember what I was playing (VH1’s I love the 90’s- and I was failing miserably! Haha).  When he came back he was sweating: still I didn’t think anything of it, I know he just sprinted through the hotel.  He told me to go into the closet and on top of the safe was my first clue.

Well what did I find but a box that looked like it had once held a ring (this should have been

The Tresure Map

a dead giveaway) inside the box was the code for the safe and inside the safe was a Treasure Map that Kevin had made the night before at 2:00 A.M. when I was sleeping!!  Obviously this led me through the hotel and out onto the beach where I dug up an antique box to find a letter written.  It was pitch black out so I read my letter aloud with Kevin’s cell phone light.  I began to cry and as I got to the bottom it said “All I ask it that you say YES, and spend forever by my side!”

Well, now I am hyperventilating (what girl wouldn’t after all of that?) seeing him down on one knee in the sand with my ring!!

This is now the time in your life where you find out if you are crazy and have multiple personalities, because all of the voices in your head start fighting with each other and you are trying to make sense of it all!  (Story of my life)

The Letter- He soaked it in tea and burned the edges to make it look old!

In my mind there was no doubt that I was going to marry Kevin one day, but I believe I took the ring from him, put it on and never gave him an answer- except an “Oh My God” repeatedly.  It wasn’t until he finally said to me “Kass- you’re really hard to read right now…is that a YES?” and of course I reply with a “Well Duh, it’s a YES”

"X" Marks the Spot- still there the next day.

We walked along the beach for 45 minutes talking about everything leading up to the engagement and taking in the moment before I would be glued to my phone for the next 48hours.

Earlier that week, he called my father and asked permission to marry me! I know- your heart is melting, isn’t it?

Kevin is truly something special, and every time I look at my finger, I still think about everything he did to ask me to marry him!

Guys- it doesn’t take much to truly make an impact on your sweetheart.

All you single gals out there- you will remember the tiniest and most random details of your engagement- just like me.  You will count the days/weeks that you have been engaged for and enjoy being the topic of discussion amongst your friends, sorority sisters and family! If you’re really lucky, you’ll have a boss who takes bets on whether or not you’re getting a ring with your clients and other interns in the office.  You’ll look at your finger and question yourself- “Oh my gosh is this real?”  Well, you better believe it sister,

The Ring!!

you are now off the market!!  Take a deep breath and take it all in! Savor every moment you spend with each other during your engagement!  Don’t stress about the planning just yet- because when the day is over all you have is each other to fall back on.

Kevin and I have not set a date yet, but be sure to check back when we start planning.  You may get some great tips and stress relievers to help you recently engaged gals and our soon to be’s.    But for right now I am enjoying the engaged lifestyle while polishing my ring.

Kassie Budzinski