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We have been following Kimberly Fink as she started her newest business venture TREATMiNT! We met Kim through Philadelphia Wedding Planners about six years ago, where she had been a wedding planner for over ten years at the time.   Diagnosed at 32 with Uterine Cancer, she battled her way through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, she entered remission resolved to improve the experience for future patients.  We are happy to see her success story and help get the word out!

Now 3 years later meet TREATMint!


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What is Treatmint?

 TREATMiNT is subscription gift box dedicated to helping friends send comfort and inspiration to loved ones with cancer.  We offer a personalized and unique way to continually support a patient as they continue through their treatment program.  Customers learn best ways to support friends and shop relevant quality items. Our subscription box is a way to stay connected and lend support to friends with cancer.   Each box is curated with a combination of comfort and inspirational items. Friends and family can leave a personalized message of encouragement, choose from our 1, 3, 6, or 12 month delivery program and the box is delivered to their loved one’s door.


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What inspired you to launch a subscription box for cancer patients?

Three years I was diagnosed with a rare form of Uterine cancer.  When looking for some inspirational prints to put on my wall to help inspire me I couldn’t find anything with relevant messaging combined with good design.  I also noticed that I had many friends who reached out when I was first diagnosed, but who found it hard to know how to continue their support past the initial card or phone call.  As a result, when I was in the middle of my treatment I was left feeling isolated and alone. I loved the idea of a subscription model, because it allows the giver to continually support their friend though the whole process.  The idea of the box is really that it’s a tool for friends and family to stay in touch. It takes the pressure off the gift giver to know what to get (as you know most people aren’t great with knowing what to do or say) and it provides useful inspirational items to the survivor to encourage them.




TREATMiNT’s website also has a blog that shares tid bits of information t to family and friends, because it’s hard to know how to support a friend with cancer!  Show someone you care and send them a TREATMiNT box!  It never hurts to reconnect!  




Sending Positive Vibes your way! xoxo

Karen & Kassie