Philadelphia Planners looking forward to working with other bands at Brandywine Valley Talent

Recently, I was able to attend one of Brandywine Valley Talent’s (BVT) showcases.  Even though Karen Pecora Events has worked with Brandywine Valley Talent for years, I wanted to check out what they had up their sleeve for this upcoming year.


This showcase was out of this world!! Five AMAZING Bands flooded the Crowne Plaza Valley Forge with their superior vocals and the phenomenal sound coming from the instruments.  My mouth hit the floor when I heard the band “Contagious“.  They are a high energy party dance band.  They have great stage presence.  All the bands brought something different to the table.

Sid Miller Dance Band

Karen Pecora Events has worked with “Big Ric Rising” at the 2011 NACE Gala as well as “Sid Miller Dance Band.” Both bands have stellar reputations, high energy and extreme vocal and musical talent that will give you chills no matter if it is your first dance or you are letting loose on the dance floor.

Brandywine Valley Talent (BVT) knows and has the talent for your next wedding/fundraiser/corporate conference.  They are the Best!

Interested in seeing Brandywine Valley Talent’s bands…Check out their website and register for their next showcase.

Make it  Great Day!