Philadelphia Planners Choose Top 3 Favorite Bouquets

I have heard someone once say before, when a bride comes down to the aisle, people should think “here comes the bride”… NOT “here comes the bouquet.” Although the main focus should not be the bouquet, it can be a little part that adds on to the bride and makes her shine more on her special day. Here are my three favorite bouquets, check back over the next two weeks for Kassie and Karen’s favorite.

The first one I like is a Red, White and Green bouquet.  This bouquet has dahlias, tulips, ranunculus, maidenhair-fern, nerines, scabiosa and viburnum foliage.  I like it because it is not too big such as a cascading bouquet, but still colorful. It has the spring/summer feel which gives hope and new beginnings. This bouquet symbolizes the new journey of life, getting married and creating a future together. It is a very exciting and happy moment.

It can be for a fall or summer wedding and absolutely perfect for an outdoor wedding…A wedding which is fun and exciting!

The second one I like is Harvest Bridal Bouquet.

It has ranunculus, calla lilies, hypericum, wild grasses in harvest hues.  This bouquet gives me the feeling of a relaxing atmosphere, just like the feeling of fall.  A warm scent such as pumpkin or apples in your kitchen.  Although it is comfortable and relaxing, it is still beautiful and romantic.  The pink accent color in the bouquet makes it more feminine.

It will be perfect for fall wedding just because of the color or a spring wedding (with the accent of pink). I think it also fits into a wedding budget which is simple, but adds the “WoW” factor.

The third picture is Purple Silk Rose Nosegay.

It includes rich purple roses and delicate white baby’s breath.  The rich purple catches my eye.  It is simple but elegant.  It will be perfect fit in any elegant wedding ceremony. It can fit the winter season as well as the spring season.  The wedding will have a deep/rich color scheme which gives the sense of royalty, but add in some crystals- and that gives you a completely different feel of being in an upscale wedding. It would be a great fit for a wedding that is at a mansion.

What do you think about my three favorite bouquets? I think they are all beautiful.  I can see myself holding one of them in the future. Don’t forget to come back over the next two weeks to check out Kassie and Karen’s favorite ones too.

LaiSze (Ada) Tang