Philadelphia Planners Anxiously Await The Royal Wedding

Hard to believe if you asked me a few months ago about the Royal Wedding I couldn’t tell you anything about it, let alone the date.  It has gradually taken over social media networks, television, and fashion: basically the Royal Wedding has gone viral and for some of us it has taken over our conversations/lives.

Everywhere we turn we see a commercial, or a stack of coupons that has an insert for  “The Kate Middleton ceramic Princess figurine” (I know you all know what I am talking about…hopefully) or the collectors coin.  There is now something called “The Kate Middleton Effect”- Princess Prep: teaches girls between the ages of 8 and 11 how to be a princess for a whopping $4,000.00  a week.  Yup that’s right- you can send your little girl to learn how to be like Princess Catherine.   This entails etiquette, royal history, horseback riding and philanthropy.

Jerramy Fine- Founder of Princess Prep

With all the buzz about the Royal Wedding, I do feel bad for future “brides to-be” who are getting married the same day of the Royal Wedding.  Your wedding day is somewhat getting overshadowed by William and Kate.  Every bride should feel like a princess on their wedding day.  There is no doubt that bride’s today will look like a princess but they have a real princess to compete with.  I don’t know if I could deal with sharing a date with the royals, myself.

Planning a wedding is tough when doing it yourself (trying to maximize your budget without losing sleep or your hair)- Can you imagine trying to plan a royal one at that? Makes some of our bride’s who are stressing over the small details, want to ask Kate to borrow her wedding planners for a few hours so you can take a wedding vacation.

Barbara Walters interviewed Sir Malcolm Ross (he has planned many of the royal families ceremonies/crown deliveries for over 20 years).  As Barbara asked what was left for last minute, he quickly answered “Nothing…nothing will be left for last minute. Everything will be taken care of in all households and everything will be ordered.”  Everything is planned down to the minute.  As Karen told one of our bride’s today- “There is always going to be the “human factor” looks great on paper but when it actually comes to people listening to you, that’s when you need the help.”  What can go wrong? Nothing will go wrong states Sir Malcolm (you can see Barbara’s astonished look).  Check out the rest of the interview and being a Royal Bridesmaid below.

Being a Royal Bridesmaid

Some of the statistics for this wedding are absolutely astonishing:

-Security for the Royal Wedding will cost approximately $30 million dollars
-There will be over 2 billion people watching the wedding and 7,000 journalists will be documenting it.
– Not to mention the 28 page Official Program of the Royal Wedding- click here: Royal Wedding Program
-Prince William and Kate’s wedding will be the first Royal Wedding in West Minster Abbey in 900 years!
-Kate will have 6 hair dressers attending to her.
-2 wedding cakes- if you never thought you would see the day when Fruitcake would be a wedding cake… history has been made.  The other cake will be made out of 17,000 cookies and 40lbs of chocolate (McVities chocolate biscuit cake).

McVities chocolate biscuit cake

Not your ordinary fruit cake

-And if you are playing the odds of Prince Harry forgetting Kate’s ring, the odds are 38/1. (Hopefully he will remember!)

It blows my mind at how much coverage this is getting- it is very exciting at the same time.  How often do you get to see a royal wedding?  Last one in Britain was 1981 when Prince Charles and Princess Diana married.

After the wedding I will soon be waiting for a play, movie, short story and novel about the couple’s life.   No doubt it will all be on the way.  After all they do have a comic book/strip about the engagement.

I hope everyone enjoys watching the Royal Wedding and celebrates safely.  The future bride’s who are getting married today along with Kate and William- may you feel like royalty on your special day as well! Eat, Drink and be Merry!

Have a Royal Day!