Philadelphia Planner and Fiance choose favorite wedding bouquets

I find it so hard not to ask my friends about what they are doing for their wedding! I was recently at an Oktoberfest party with a few of my friends (one who happens to be getting married on December 3rd) and had the urge to find out all of the details and how dance lessons were going etc.!  It is simply exhausting separating work from my social life and not offer some advice on what she should do if no one is on the dance floor… But I really wish I could just be surprised the day of her wedding.  I know I will be astonished because her flowers will be absolutely beautiful- which then got me to think what do I want for my wedding.  (For those of you who don’t know I have hit my 6 month engagement mark! Which for me is like- “Kev (fiance) we now need to start planning”)

As my multiple personalities were fighting amongst themselves on if I wanted an all white bouquet with some color or a bouquet that is as wild/retro as my personality- I realized I think I would be happy with just about anything- as long as it had some variation the the  flowers below!

Here are my favorite bouquets and Kevin (my fiance’s favorite as well!)

This is my ALL TIME FAVE!! I Love this! It’s so elegant and fun! The black center anemone’s really make this white bouquet pop! Sweet pea is a fabulous fragrant flower that is also nestled in this bouquet as well as lily of the valley! It is not to obnoxiously big and is just perfect enough for that bride to be that wants a bit of flare in her bouquet.  Depending on your style this bouquet is perfect for any style of wedding.  If you are looking to save some pennies: it is key to make sure you know when your favorite flowers are in season so you aren’t paying an arm and a leg.  Anemone’s are in season October through May but they peak in spring.

Beautiful yet retro- is very fitting for this creation! Perfect for a holiday wedding.  You have your standard red roses but you also have the flare of the green cymbidiums, red dahlia’s, and raspberry calla lilies.  Calla lilies are one of the most widely used flower in wedding bouquets and in centerpieces.  They are in season all year but there peak season is late winter to late spring.  They have no smell but are exquisite flowers.  The rectangular gem is a special touch.  Previously, before I started working with Karen- I was working in a floral shop in Reading, PA.  If you have a piece of your mother or grandmother’s jewelry why not add it to your bridal bouquet.   I remember there was one bride who had her grandmother’s crystal rosary that we draped throughout the bouquet.  It was absolutely stunning!  This is such a great option to have.

Meet simply elegant!  This gives your bouquet just a pop of color like the anemone in the first picture.  These are picasso calla lilies.  Like I mentioned above calla lilies are widely used and are just a great romantic flower to use for any type of wedding.  It has so many different looks that it can accommodate any theme/wedding.

Who doesn’t LOVE a vibrant autumn bouquet?  This may seem like a “Here Comes the Bouquet” moment instead of “Here Comes the Bride…” But how fabulous are these colors for fall? Complete with roses, crab apples and plum calla lilies (can you see how much we love calla lilies?) The plum and caramel ribbon with gold pin accents- is simply beautiful for the festive autumn season!

If you do have a little extra to splurge on your bouquet, pins and crystals are great accents to have that extra bling.  A little bit goes a long way.  If you are also wondering what type of boutonniere your groom should wear- some flowers come in miniatures and will look great with your bouquet.  It was so hard to pick just three favorites so you got my four faves!  I know I did promise Kevin’s favorite as well- which was the first bouquet with the anemones, sweet peas and lily of the valley.

Check out Karen’s favorites next week!  We love using Daily Candy, most of these bouquets came from there! There are at least 80 to choose from! Good Luck deciding which are your top 3!

Kassie Budzinski