Philadelphia Event Planners at Work!

One would say it was a busy work day, but we consider it a typical office day for Philadelphia Event Planners!
On Wednesday, the day began with a visit to the Cut Flower Exchange warehouse in Conshohocken. We inspected what flowers we ordered for our upcoming event on Friday and picked out a few more surprises to add to the order. The roses were yet to bloom, the trick was looking vibrant green, the hydrangea smelled amazing, all of which were waiting to be designed into beautiful flower arrangements. After ordering a couple other flower bunches that we knew would look marvelous with the orange, greens and white flowers, we headed to good old Trader Joe’s for a sushi lunch.

Trader Joe’s was a quick lunch break where we picked up some fresh spicy shrimp tempura rolls, until the beautiful bunch of wild flowers caught our attention. Every day is a work in progress and through Karen’s eyes, her mind was brewing to see what she could do with these beautiful flowers. I rushed to the sushi aisle as she picked up the flowers to purchase. We have a fun event in the near future that features high heels as the center pieces. Our thought is to fill them with the latest and brightest flowers. So when she picked up the wild flowers, she knew they were going to be put into the demo heels that we had at the office. I have never seen Karen make a flower arrangement in a high heel before but she always seems to amaze me.

When we pulled up to the office, she trimmed the flowers, submerged them in water, and did not hesitate to start the “high heel project”. She bolted the heels to overlap each other in an elegant way where she could put oasis in both of the heels to have the flowers flow out. After leaving her to work for five minutes, she already had a finished product. The arrangement turned out unique and beautiful.


At the office, we do not wait for an assignment or event to come our way. We work throughout the day and projects just come to us at unexpected times. No matter what the task is at hand, Karen will find a way to design what it is to exceed all expectations and Kassie with find a way to make it happen!

So for your next “girl’s night out” party or ladies luncheon, give us a call and we will be happy to share a few girly ideas for centerpieces!

Sarah Erthal
Philadelphia Event Planners Intern