Philadelphia Event Planners Rising Star is “Pumped to Plan”!

Three weeks in and three projects later, I feel a part of the team already! Joining Philadelphia Event Planners was a last minute decision for me, but thatʼs part of the planning world and if youʼre not ready for the fast pace, think on your feet and jump on in kind of atmosphere than this is not the field for you! After graduating from college and planning my entire semester abroad in Australia, I was searching for something that was both fun and rewarding. After a long search, I found the Wedding Planning and Consulting program at Temple University. Karen was my teacher and after sending many letters and resumes out to practically all the professionals in the area, Karen took me under her wing after completing my first class with her. I learned a lot at Temple and will be certified in less than a month so Iʼm really excited to see whatʼs ahead for me in this field!! ! ! ! ! !

My first project was designing the flowers for Kassieʼs wedding, it was a great time to get on board because it was unlike most of the weddings that Philadelphia Event Planners has planned, this was for one of their own! The flowers were white and absolutely gorgeous, so it was great to see the end result and know I was there to help make it special.! ! ! !

My first full week with Karen and Kassie did not involve sitting at a desk doing file work or running out to grab their coffee; instead I was designing certificates, stacking boards and making calls for a huge event that took place at the end of that week. It was an exciting, challenging and long week but one that set the standard for my expectations here. ! ! ! !

Itʼs so important to be challenged to think on your feet because it keeps everything fresh and fun, which happens every day here at Philadelphia Event Planners. Like I said before, Iʼm only three weeks in and there is still so much to learn and I canʼt wait to dive into whatʼs next!

Keep on Planning,

Kristin Jennings