Philadelphia Event Planners make memorable corporate branding parties

3G Lighting is a family owned and operated architectural lighting manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada.  3G delivers innovative and award winning lighting fixtures to all business verticals including hospitality, retail, commercial, corporate and residential projects.  On the 3G website it reads… “We deliver exceptional lighting fixtures that are manufactured in North America.  Our industry-leading turnaround times can be attributed to our commitment to personal service, customer care, and a sincere appreciation for the specifiers who believe in the products that we design develop and deliver.”

When Grace called me just a few weeks before she was to arrive in Philadelphia to throw a party for her clients and perspective clients I could hear her passion in her voice.  Once every two years Grace comes to Philadelphia and throws a big party to celebrate her product and the success of the company.  She invites her current clients, industry friends and perspective clients.  Each year she does the planning on her own.  This year she decided to enlist our help for a few reasons… she was in Toronto, she was busy in her business and she wanted a wow factor.  All this and the party date was in 2 weeks.  Of course we can pull it off we assured her.

First stop for us was Vango lounge.  I can happily admit I have hung out on he rooftop but have never thrown party in the space.  During our meeting with owner, Dia Sawan I realized that Grace was at the perfect location.  Dia has the boldest of Philadelphia restaurant and lounges starring some of the best names in food and DJ’s in the business.  Vango’s rooftop features a sultry and sexy atmosphere with a view of the city skyline!  This was perfect for 3G.


In just a few short weeks we pulled together some small details to make a memorable affect on the attendees.  First call was to our friends at Synergetic Sounds.  A lighting company needed a corporate GOBO.  Now they own it and I am sure by now it is featured on the showroom floor or wall in Canada.


I worked directly with Grace and her brother to make sure  that her product was displayed prominently and properly.  For this we needed some specialty tables from Lounge Around.  You can view the amazing product line at  We love them because they are easy to work with and the product arrives delivered by friendly crew, clean and perfect!  Just the way we like it!

The atmosphere at Vango is alive and throbbing with urges to dance but it is always fun to get this started with a few professional dancers.  Antonio and his partner lit the place up as they performed, mingled and made sure all of the guests were having a great time!!

After you salsa dance you need to grab a stogie and head to the rooftop.  No better cigars then the handmade ones from Cortez Cigars.  Another family owned and operated business which is located in New Jersey.


Grace wanted some small touches.  She asked us to provide an all back candy bar.  Of course most people think about black jelly beans and black licorice but not us.  We provided black candy popcorn, black candied blueberries, gluten free candy and  black covered sunflower seeds just to name a few.  Our all time favorite is the black chocolate rock nuggets that we get from a secret source.  It looks like tiny pieces of coal and tastes almost orgasmic!


Grace was a hipster and fun gal!  She even brought 3G logo tats for the guests.  Melanie who often helps us out at events greeted guests and she can tell you as the night went on she went from wrist tats to tramp stamps as guests drank they let loose a little more!

Just a few days later Grace texted…

“Leaving Philly… Thanx for everything!”  Good bye Grace and 3G… May they talk about your wild party until we plan the next one in two years.  It was our honor to pull this off and we will do something even bigger and better in 2015!




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