Philadelphia Event Planners tell all on how to not lose your mind when planning your wedding!

So you just got engaged…Now What?  Where do you begin, how are you going to afford a wedding on top of everything else, will I have the time to plan it? Am I still going to have hair by the end of this process?  The answer is YES!

If these are some of the many questions running through your head…Believe me you are not alone!  I was questioning myself the day after I got engaged, until my fiance reminded me of the promise I made: “You have to promise that you won’t freak out about planning the wedding for 48hrs!”  Easy for him to say- he’s only worried about having an open bar!  But you know what…he was right!  I actually extended my promise to an entire month!

Tip #1: What’s the Rush?

Stay on Cloud 9 for as long as you can! Everyone is telling you to enjoy being engaged; that it should be one of the most exciting times of your life!!  Don’t just smile and nod- actually listen!  I know you may get tired of hearing “So did you pick a date yet?” Give everyone a date range- you don’t have to be committed to that date but it will keep everyone quiet and give them a mental note to block it in their calendar.

What’s the talk about an engagement party?  Sometimes this is almost as expensive as the reception.

Tip #2: Here’s the low down- the “engagement party”

The engagement party was originally thrown by the bride’s family in order to meet the groom’s family in any instance that they have not met before.  Now- many couples invite who they would invite to the wedding plus all of their friends.  Although- it is awesome to get everyone together to celebrate, your wallet may not be celebrating afterward.  Try doing something low key like have dinner with just you and your fiance’s family and pick a later date to go to a baseball game, tailgate, hit up a bar/club with your friends.  That way you still get to make everyone feel like they are a part of your engagement.  And it’s an excuse to go out and party!

Some of you readers may know exactly what you want when it comes to your wedding- you have been planning it and clipping pictures from magazines since you were 10.  But there are some brides that may not have a clue or have too many options/ideas they want to incorporate (I would be the latter response).

Tip #3: “Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is your Runway”- in essence find your Wedding Style

It is super easy (even for those of us who have little to no time at all).  Take 15 minutes from your day and just peruse around the internet.  The is a great place to start or wedding wire.  It may be a bit overwhelming (which is why I use Google and usually when you type in anything wedding related the knot and wedding wire will come up).  Take a look at some pictures, save them to your desktop and eventually you will see your wedding style come to life.  Don’t have the time to plan your wedding- a wedding planner can help you by doing all the research for you and giving you 3-5 options to choose from.  Piece of Cake!

Don’t get completely wrapped up in all the details early on in your engagement and forget why the cutie next to you put that “sparkler” on your finger!!  Make sure you have date night or go out on your lunch hour together.  When you do this…

Tip #4: NO Wedding Talk

We know you are uber excited about how the strappy rhinestone sling back stillettos you chose for the bridesmaids will compliment the silver organza overlay that go on the tables- but your future hubby could possibly care less.  The wedding is now your #1 priority instead of him, which can take a toll on your relationship.  So do him and yourself a favor and put that wedding conversation on hold and just enjoy each others company.

Look for more tips and experiences of the Engaged Lifestyle soon!

Make it a Stellar Day!