Philadelphia Event Planner’s list Top Favorite Restaurants for Date Night






Phone calls, stress, headaches, and decisions on napkin colors  etc…. All minor complaints some brides may be experiencing. Philadelphia Event Planners is here to tell you to take a wedding vacation for 24 hours. What do we suggest you do on your wedding vacation? Date night of course- but you and your fiancé must take an oath to not speak about anything wedding related while at dinner.


Here are Karen, Kassie and Sarah’s top favorite restaurants to go on a date at….


Karen’s Choice:


A recent evening aboard the Moshulu at Penns Landing, inspired me to collaborate on this blog with Kassie and Sarah.  We all have different definitions of romance. Moshulu, the world’s oldest and largest master tall ship, offers a unique dining experience. My recent visit started before we even arrived at the dock.  Strolling through Penns Landing on a cool slightly breezy, yet sunny early evening, with no particular plan in place, was how we ended up at the entrance of Moshulu.  Our visit started with a pre-dinner cocktail on vessel level.  Our bartender was friendly and cheerful. It was actually his suggestion that we get cozy on the open aired deck for unsurpassed views of the bridge on one side and the city on the other. It was a perfect blend of city and sea to set the romantic atmosphere.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by a few other couples who sat smiling.  Anyone who knows me, knows that a good night always includes fireworks.  The show started just about halfway through the first cold Sam Adams Summer Ale. Cold beer… Cool breeze… Great company… Lots of laughter… Smiles and fireworks…  Life does not get much better.  Well not until dinner came.  Blue cheese and bacon crusted swordfish and sautéed pacific halibut. They were delicious, perfectly cooked and both melted in one’s mouth.  The evening continued with more laughter and it ended with a hand in hand stroll back to where we started.  I wouldn’t change anything at all about the couple of hours we spent together at Moshulu.  It was a 5 star rating on romance, ambiance, food and beverage.



Kassie’s choices:


“It was literally impossible for me to choose just one favorite restaurant while Kevin and I were engaged as our fave date night location. So here are our top 3!”


Applebee’s: Our first date and #1 place for half price appetizers after 9:00pm! The perfect cheap date night while trying to save up for a wedding! We are not ashamed of going to an Applebee’s chain for their Red Apple Sangria (mucho size of course) and honey BBQ boneless wings!

red apple sangria

Red Apple Sangria (mucho size)

Bonefish Grill, Newtown Square: Kevin and I have only been here once, but once was enough for us to love it and want to go back! It was a great place to talk about life after the wedding and coming up with a plan on our living situation. We laughed, reminisced about our dating memories and what we loved about the other person while waiting for our meal. The signature drinks are always fresh; my favorite is the Blackberry Tom Collins. The Bang Bang shrimp is their specialty appetizer, right down to the lobster tail specials they used to run on Tuesday’s! Check out their website to see any specials they may be advertising!


Bonefish grill

bang bang shrimp

Bang Bang Shrimp


Radley Run Country Club: Our wedding venue! I surprised Kevin on our 1 year pre-anniversary before we were going to tie the knot, by having dinner at Radley Run in their dining room! It was truly romantic and quiet. There were maybe two other smaller parties of four that were there to dine in the country-esque dining room aside from us. Our server was spectacular and the food was delicious. It reinforced our decision that our wedding was going to be spectacular. We highly recommend the seafood pasta with lobster, crab and scallops with a linguini.

radley run

Sarah’s Choice:


My favorite date night restaurant, hands down, is La Viola in Philadelphia. If you are in the mood for a romantic candlelit dinner, go here! The family owned Italian restaurant is nuzzled on 16th street away from the chaotic center city streets in Philadelphia. They serve some of the best traditional homemade pastas and sauces and as a perk, it is BYOB! The family cares for you, lets you enjoy your authentic meal and will not make you feel rushed, no matter how busy they are, so you can enjoy your date night over nice conversations and great tasting food. My favorite dish is the Ravioli Alla Viola, which is homemade lobster ravioli that is coated in a delicious pink vodka sauce. Also for dessert, don’t forget to end the night with their divine homemade tiramisu with two forks and a cappuccino.


La Viola



Ravioli Alla Viola


Whether you are on a budget and just need drinks and apps or a 4 course meal, everyone needs a little Wedding R&R!

Happy Planning,
Karen, Kassie & Sarah