Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Philadelphia Event Planners decided to have a luncheon to celebrate how wonderful our summer has been. We were picking out linens, flowers, placemats, glassware, when we noticed that the color scheme that was happening reminded us of a bridal shower themed luncheon. It was girly, glitzy, and glam. We had glass mason jars with a blue tint for our sunflowers, our vintage tablecloth passed down to Karen from her great grandmother, the milk glass plates that was borrowed from Karen’s mother mixed with pieces we owned.


Photo Credit: Lexi Jones


When flowers are arranged at our office, they are always unique, vibrant, and fresh. We chose sunflowers, white roses and hydrangea for our arrangements. To keep it simple, we put a few of the sunflowers in our cute little blue mason jars, then we put two floating sunflowers in glass bowls that were lined with slices of limes. For our “wow factor” we created a unique centerpiece, we lined a cylinder crystal vase with lemons which adorned our white hydrangea and rose bouquet. Everything looked so fun and perfect for an outdoor luncheon.

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Photo Credit: Lexi Jones

We hung DIY banners along the fence and above the table, which were adorable with the pink, blue and white tablecloth. After we ironed and laid our beautiful tablecloth, we put down some funky placemats that had blue layered patterns on it. Time to place the flowers on the table with the largest piece in the middle with multiple arrangements mirrored on each side. On each place setting, we placed a rose and mini hydrangea in a vase so that each guest would have a cute up close visual of our fresh flowers.

Finally after arranging the flowers and setting the table, we made a Twinkie salad to put a little bit of Karen’s personality in each bite. Fun, different, unique, yet very tasty. It was a tossed green salad, topped with a handful of blueberries, a slice of Twinkie for a garnish and a wedge of watermelon that finished off the plate. To pair with the salad, we of course had a wonderful bottle of Cabernet. Overall, our lunch was much needed by all of us girls in the office. We had a project accomplished while absorbing the sun rays and catching a fresh breath of air outside.


Photo Credit: Lexi Jones

Curious as to how we did our flower arrangements? Check out our how to blog to accomplish our beautiful flower arrangements with the lemons and limes.


Sarah Erthal

Philadelphia Event Planners Intern



Photo Credit: Lexi Jones