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NACE Gala 2011- Epic Event of the Year:

The first of many blogs to come on this event!

Philly Event History has been made on January 16, 2011 at EventQuip.  If you weren’t there, you missed one hell of a PARTY!!!  Philadelphia wedding planners, South Jersey Wedding Planners, Philadelphia caterers,  wedding musicians, Philadelphia wedding photographers and the entire wedding and special events industry knows how to PARTY!  Karen Pecora Events was stoked to help with the planning of this spectacular event!

The original plan… about 11 months ago the board of directors had a retreat and discussed the goals and programs of the year.  At this meeting I really wanted to discuss having an event that would “WOW” our industry professionals.  I have to say that when I wanted to bring back the glamour of the gala we as a board knew it would take hours of work and the involvement of so many companies to actually pull off an event that would really leave the audience stunned.  I mean we are talking about hundreds of people who produce events on a regular basis.  I knew that Ed Knight of EventQuip would take the concept and run with it!

From this….

We partied in a parking lot in the middle of January in a tent that was attached to EventQuip’s Loading Dock!  We can only imagine what kind of year this is going to be in Philadelphia Event Planning.

To this….

We had the pleasure to work with the leading professionals in the industry!  These are just a few…

Event location:  EventQuip

Event decor:  Evantine Design

Lighting:  Eventions Productions

Draping:  Event FX

Glassware and rental:  Party Rental LTD

Portable restrooms:  Bobby’s Potty’s

Awesome women:  Creative Juice Group

Food Service:  Starr Events

Valet:  Empire valet

Photography: Barton Paul Photography

Stay tuned for more pictures and more blogging!  This event had so much to offer visually that we could NEVER showcase the event in one blog!