Mainline Event Planners shows off our wedding designs at Society of Wedding Planners meeting

Mainline Event Planners was happy to decorate for last months Society of Wedding Planners meeting that took place on April 5th at Duportail House in Chesterbrook.  We decided this was a fun casual look that fit the house… perfectly!  We pulled our collection of lampshades, put out tons of candles and packed tulips in our mixed glassware.


I took Nicolle a new intern with me to set up Duportail just before the event.  We unloaded and she had her doubts… black, white, silver, colorful bunches of tulips, barney purple linens, bling, feathers… so much going on!  Much to her surprise once it was all setup she LOVED it!  This look is exactly what I have recently talked about on KYW radio… “We say no matchy matchy ladies!  From bridesmaids dresses, shoes to boutonnieres to centerpieces and rental lounge furniture 2012 weddings will have less symmetry than before.  Most of the time, all of these things will still be unified by some type of central theme or mood to keep it polished and stylish!”


Polished and stylish is how I would describe these 5 tables!


I asked each of the planners to use one word to describe this look and here is what the gals said…

Elegant (Rose)

Glamourous (Arielle)

Eclectic (Kassie)

Modern (Nicolle)


My favorite number is 5 – It has been since I was a kid.  When laying out a plan for DuPortail I chose a 5 table design mixing the lampshades and accenting them with a variety of candles and tulips – which are a few of my other favorite things!

Each table has it’s own little story…

Phil Kramer Photographers

This shade is one of my favorites because it is the inspiration behind Kassie’s wedding!  I love the pattern, the cleanness of the black and white, the mix of candles with a pop of color in the spring tulips!  Perfect for the purple linen with just a little bling!!!


Phil Kramer Photographers

I paired this simple white shade with a larger glass cylinder base to show off the tulips!  Since this event was the week before Easter this cylinder ended up on my dining room table.  It was a great lesson for my boys that Tulips unlike most other flowers continue to grow after the stems are cut!  Sticking with the uniformity of black and white we dropped a few extra large black marbles in the with the white floating candles.

Phil Kramer Photographers

This was the VERY first lampshade that we purchased.  It was for a display that was in the showroom at Select Event Rental.

Phil Kramer Photographers

We dropped in two tall post vases with black lampshades on the high top tables.  These pretty spring linens were actually a last minute inspiration – we found them in the closet of DuPortail!
I love pulling together really simple looks!  This design is one that we offer our clients at Philadelphia Event Planners and Mainline Event Planners.  We have a collection of about 50 lampshades.  This look can stand alone or can be one of many designs in a ballroom.  We’d love to speak with you about how to design your wedding and how to coordinate the look that YOU love!
A special thank you to my friend and office mate in the city!  Phil Kramer of Phil Kramer Photographers is amazing and always ready to work with us and our clients.  If you don’t already know Phil you should check out his work at
Enjoy your day!
Karen Pecora