Philadelphia Event Planners Style Main Line Parent Magazine Cover Shoot

We can’t believe that Main Line Parent Magazine is already launching Issue #2!  It seems like just yesterday that Karen Pecora Events was helping set up MLP’s Launch Party and now we have the honor of styling the cover shoot for the Fall 2011 issue.

Main Line Parent asked Karen Pecora Events to come up with a birthday party theme for the cover shoot that can be recreated by the magazine readers.  In true KPE fashion, the idea had to be bold, fun and over-the-top fabulous in a way that readers could recreate on any budget.  So the office held a brainstorming session and came up with an idea…balloons, balloons, and more balloons!

With Karen leading the creative process, we arrived at the Main Line Art Center in Haverford bright & early one Saturday morning to start styling.  Sarah Bond, Main Line Parent’s Publisher, led the way by blowing up over 150 balloons for the shoot that KPE used to decorate an outdoor party table and a small indoor display with a birthday cake provided by Bella’s.

We chose a purple table linen and an assortment of primary-colored balloons that are appropriate for both boys and girls of all ages.  There were also DIY elements of the party including a homemade “Happy Birthday” banner and fuzzy party hats.  KPE created the “Happy Birthday” banner by pasting individual foam letters on colorful notecards and hanging the notecards from a string.  The party hats were created by hot-gluing feather boas around the base of cone hat and a pompom to the top.  The party hats served two purposes: festive partywear for the kids, as well as table decorations.

As soon as the kids arrived with their parents (all decked out in their best party attire, of course), photographer Silvina Benedetto captured the sweet pandemonium and laughter that ensued.  As we expected when working with little models, the photos were as genuine as they come.  There was lots of balloon chasing, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the cake, and family portraits all in the perfect July weather.

Our photo shoot also included some amazing local moms, including Dr. Cara Hillwig (a local chiropractor), Shannon Ott (co-owner of chescomoms/montomoms/delcomoms blogs), Karla Trotman (owner of, Rachel Amnon (Communications Director for the Main Line Art Center), Sarah Littlewood (one of MLP’s Most Stylish Moms from the Mom’s Night Out for Mother’s Day) and Shannon Wanunu (Owner of

Every single child was wonderful and the event professionals made the photo shoot quick and flawless.  We have no doubt that these pictures will “WOW!” Main Line Parent readers and inspire them with ideas for their own children’s parties.

For more great birthday ideas, MLP is hosting the Ultimate Birthday Bash on October 9th, 2011 at the Main Line Art Center for local professionals to showcase their best party ideas.

Congratulations on Issue #2!!