Karens HAPPY place…

Work hard… play hard!  That is my motto!   I have so many things that make me happy… My loving husband who is always behind my crazy ideas, my AWESOME parents who have have been to many of my events and who help me be a great Mom,  My kids (two lil boys) who are my entire world of happiness.

My business makes me happy… The thought that I did weddings for 32 people who all know each other really makes me happy.  I know that I have a chance to help someone on one of the most emotional days of a couples life!

I work hard – I am an outside of the box thinker and stand behind what I believe to a fault.  I never say no and I never intentionally let anyone down.  I mentor young professionals, I teach the trade at Temple University, I volunteer, I collect bears for the USO, I am always fundraising or promoting the good in the world.

Putting more and more on my plate has always caused me to live an interesting, ever changing and always challenged way of  life.  I can’t imagine being bored!  I can’t imagine living a week of my life without learning something new everyday.

Knowing all of this you may say WOW – how does she make time for herself?  Well, let me tell you… I have a happy place.  This happy place is a fairly new happy place.  In February of 2010 a friend told me about a spa called “Lux Spa” in the Omni Hotel at Independence Park, Center City Philadelphia.  I’ve been a self proclaimed spa snob since the mid nineties.  I have tried every new spa that ever opened in center city and on the main line.  When I heard that Lux was the “most relaxing place on earth” I had to find out for myself.   In my past experience I have not really enjoyed most spas that reside inside a hotel.  They have a transient feeling… transient clientele and transient staff.

I booked a couples massage and made a reservation at the Rum Bar across the street and date night was well planned.  Kids settled in at Grammy and Pop Pops off to the city we went… in last years blizzard.  The valet was GREAT and we were greeted with a big smile, We slid by the bar and ordered a glass of wine to enjoy in the elevator.   Upon entering the spa I could feel the energy in the spa was different.  I couldn’t pinpoint it – I could just feel it.

Massages to me are not about getting naked and having someone rub your body with nice smelling oil – they are about the change of energy in your body that releases the strain and stress.  I believe that the release of strain and stress provides the ability to change.  Change is good.  If I am stressed today I don’t want to continue that stress tomorrow, next week, next month.  I need to have the ability to change that stress and turn it into something of greater value.

After that first experience I knew that I found a new happy place.  I find myself buying multiple spa packages on Groupon. They offer great services at a discount.  If I am going to frequent the spa and they are willing to offer me a discount why not take advantage?

I like to treat a friend to a massage at Lux when they need a little lift – I have shared my happy place with just a few people who at that time I felt like they needed a change in energy or a release of stress.

I have found that Tracy at Lux is really in touch with the energy stuff I was talking about earlier.  After my last visit we started to chat about the concept.  You can tell by her style, transitions and technique that she has experience as well as passion for what she does.

Service include:  Massage, facials, reflexology, body wraps and deep exfoliating scrubs.

I hope that you will find your happy place.  I hope that you will stop by and try out my happy place on a day that you need to embrace change… A change of energy, a change of attitude, a chain of muscle strain… whatever your change is go ahead and embrace it in your (or my) happy place!!

P.S.  Feel free to leave us a comment if you have a spa that you love or a happy place you want to brag about!

Enjoy life.