Happy Monday… Happy fall season!

Today started off a bit crazy!  It was the first day of school for my son who is 3 and in preschool.  My day started with serving up a big breakfast and yelling at Verizon to get the office FIOS up and running after a 5 day lag in service that they could not explain.  My day got so much better as I reviewed facebook comments and pictures from this past weekends wedding.  As I sorted through HUNDREDS of emails I began to review pictures from a wedding I did in August and they were just STUNNING pictures.  I hope to have them up soon.  Next important email was pictures from a housewarming party I did also in August.  The party was a great way for the host to kick off many years of happiness in her new home with her new husband.  Stay tuned – these blogs are being worked on as I write this one.

Hope you are enjoying the leaves changing and cooler air.  I know I do!  Christopher had a GREAT day at preschool and Mommy is happy!!

Have an AWESOME Monday!