Happy 1 year Engagement Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago (May 12th to be exact)- my best friend asked me to marry him.  Now that I look back on that year, I couldn’t be happier than deciding to have a 2 year engagement.

That’s right- I am having a 2 year (almost 2 ½ year engagement).  You may be asking why?  Well….I say why not?  I already made the decision of spending my life with Kevin, I already said “Yes” why not enjoy being on cloud 9 for a while? There are many brides that I talk to that dove into planning way too soon and started stressing about how they were going to pay for “the most important day of their life.”  It took me and my fiancé close to a year to figure it out- that’s right!…A YEAR to find a venue.  It’s so tough being an event planner and seeing all these wonderful and beautiful venues that my clients choose.  I was seriously pulling my hair out and yet Kevin and I didn’t think about one of the venues that is close to our house- Radley Run Country Club– so Thanks Karen for suggesting it and making it so easy!  So within the last 2 months I would say, Kevin and I have our venue, a photographer, color scheme, and décor options, flower ideas and pretty soon we will be tackling DJ vs. Band!  Pretty good for taking an entire year to figure out our “wedding style” and what exactly we wanted!

I think some brides (like myself) run into that problem- you don’t know exactly what it is that you want or what you can do to really make your wedding stand out from the one you attended last week.  So you figure well, if I submerge myself into doing all of this wedding stuff I will eventually figure it out.  But, it turns out you get frustrated, and pretty soon you may lose sight of why you said “Yes”.  Take some time out and play with Pintrest, browse through magazines at a book store, go to Lowes or Home Depot and look at paint chips for a color scheme (works really well on bribing your fiancé to go and talk about the wedding).  This works wonders for the visual groom and if you are artsy!

I think it is much easier planning someone else’s wedding than your own….So Thank You Karen for helping me with mine!

More details to follow!

Happy Planning
Kassie Budzinski