From Rags to Riches: Phoenixville Foundry

There is a new, yet historic venue in the town of Phoenixville that is ready for any wedding, soiree and corporate event to get their hands on this blank canvas.  This space is anything but the bare bones when I say blank canvas.  The historic pieces, modern feel and lighting all play a crucial part into making this space into a dream world.

The Phoenixville Foundry was built in 1882 and was known as the Phoenix Iron and Steel Company up until the 1970’s when the steel industry started to decline.  This building laid dormant for a little over two decades until $5 million dollars was raised to restore the Foundry into something SPECTACULAR!!!

Neither Karen or I have been to the Foundry (bet you are as shocked as we were).  Caroline DeBottis (Sales/Marketing Associate) gave us the tour Bob Tomasso (Facility and Events Director) and Joan Kelly (Event Coordinator) popped in half way through and added some facts, answered questions and of course talked business.

As soon as I walked in; I was floored at how beautiful such a space could be transformed into.  Karen and I got some of the history about the Foundry through the Heritage Center (this space can be rented).  The fact that there are artifacts that haven’t been moved from there original places since the Foundry was a steel company is absolutely phenominal.  It is hard to imagine that anyone could restore an event venue around a crane, furnaces and pieces of bridges and make it modern yet still keep its authentic look.

The crane that I metioned above is 1 of 3 that were used in the Phoenix Iron and Steel Company.  There is a ginat pattern of a gear that is a great focal piece for pictures and of course the Cupola Furnaces which the Ballroom was named after because it was built around it.

I know some of you are wondering how romantic a furnace that was used in the steel industry be built around where you are getting married.  TRUST ME- it gives it a unique and dynamic feel, especially the elegant and grand chandelliers.  They are a beautiful centerpiece for any wedding’s cocktail hour up in the mezzanine because they are at eye level.

There is a beautiful garden to take pictures in it and if I don’t have you salivating at what else this unique and modern venue has to offer, wait until you see the “Phoenix Column Truss Bridge!”  Simply stunning for any  outdoor ceremony and formal pictures.

If you are a bride looking for and elegant, modern, unique venue to host your wedding; that your guests will be talking about for years to come.  Check out the Phoenixville Foundry! You won’t be disappointed!

Make it a GREAT Day!