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The designers at Philadelphia Event Planners and Mainline Event Planners are always offering unique ideas to clients.  Recently we have planned 2 baptisms to the same family.  As planners we love to offer our clients an interactive keepsake to treasure forever.  Here are the two we offered to the parents of the lil brothers.

For Kyle:
The tree of life becomes the book of inspiration.

Guests remove tags from the tree and leave a life wish, dream or piece of life advise.  Tags are turned into a storybook or scrapbook.

tree of life

Tree of life 2
For Alex:
Fabric squares and a writing station is all you need!  Once guests have shared sentiments we send it off to our quilt maker!  Take a look at our pre-production! 

story time

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Philadelphia Event Planners and Mainline Event Planners can offer you a kit of everything you need!  We mail it to you and you return it to us and we take care of everything!

Call us to discuss your desired keepsake!  Perfect for weddings… Birthdays and baptisms!
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