Main Line wedding planner offers Crash Course in wedding Tuxedo’s

Just because I was a fashion major and graduated with a B.A. in Fashion Merchandising, does not mean I know a heck of a lot about men’s clothing, including tuxedos.

Photobooth Picture from Go Festive

Back in January, Karen Pecora Events planned a three quarters of a million dollar gala (NACE Gala).  I soon realized I would be entering a realm of attire that I literally had no clue of what I was looking for with my boyfriend (shock), until I stepped into Saget’s Formalwear and Jimmy Buchakjian hooked Kevin (my boyfriend) up with a stellar, out of this world grey Calvin Klein Super 110 notch lapel tuxedo!

I know that last statement may have some of your heads spinning by this point like, “what in the world is she rambling on about?”  Well let me briefly explain and give you a crash course in tuxedo styles, fabrics and etiquette that Jimmy taught Kevin and myself.

Lapel Styles: Shawl, Peak, Notch

Shawl Lapel

Peak Lapel

Notch Lapel

Fabrics: Understanding the fabric that your tuxedo is made of is essentially like that of buying fabulous sheets.  The higher the thread count in the sheets the lighter and better quality the sheets are.  The same holds true to tuxedos. The higher the “Super” number your suit is made from, the higher the grade of fabric. Higher means finer and finer means lighter, which is usually a good thing. I had no idea that when I went to Prom way back when, my date would have worn a regular wool tuxedo, which now makes complete sense on why the guys would ditch their coats after pictures because they were so hot.  Once you get into “Super Fabric” you are getting a lighter, more breathable, feels almost like silk tux.   Because honestly who wants to be sweating up on the altar when you get married? Super Fabric starts at Super 110 and can go all the way up to 500 (very rare).  Pretty neat concept, right?

Jimmy is fabulous to work with.  One little piece of advice that Karen Pecora Events can give you; make sure everyone tries on their tuxedo’s prior to the wedding to make sure everything fits correctly.  Saget’s Formalwear is one of the only Tuxedo Specialist that comes to you if something does not fit correctly.  I do not know any other tuxedo specialist that is willing to go the extra mile like Saget’s Formalwear.  They truly are committed to making you look great on your wedding day!

Jimmy at Drexelbrook's Open House

Here is what Jimmy has to say about his business:

“I’m the other best man not the one handing off the rings or making the toast. I’m the one who takes meticulous care to assure every detail is handled expertly for the groom so he looks his finest on his special day.

Although it seems the wedding day belongs to the bride, I believe the other half is just as important and I know my Day of Wedding Service helps settle the grooms jitters.

As you know, planning a wedding with one or more out-of-town participants in a bridal party carries its own special challenges, I have designed an on line measurement service that allows long distance participants to be assured a perfect fit every time. I will also arrange convenient tuxedo delivery directly to the hotel or location of choice and pick them up after the wedding.

Sagets is also a proud recipient of several industry awards including Best of Main Line and The My Fox Philly Hot List best tuxedo 4 years in a row.”

Visit Sagets Formalwear’s website to get a head start on your wedding party’s attire.  We love sending all of our Brides & Grooms to Saget’s Formalwear! Trust us… you won’t be disappointed!

Make it a Fashion Forward Day!