College Roommate get’s Engaged at CMA Fest!








It is just as much of an emotional ride for me when I receive phone calls and text messages when any one my friends get engaged!  I must constantly remind myself to take my excitement down a notch because I would be just as much of a screaming idiot on the phone as my friend.  This time was no different when my “Twin” and college roommate was asked a very important question in Nashville, TN at 2014 CMA Fest!


Both Karen and I were at a wedding on June 7, 2014 when I received the text message stating that Lauren, my “Twin” was engaged.  Once, our bride was down the aisle and I had a few short minutes to respond- I exploded with Congratulations and shout outs galore!

It wasn’t until recently when I met Gabe (Lauren’s fiance) at my wedding.  The day before Easter he set up a surprise birthday dinner for her to come to the King of Prussia area where we sat around and talked at Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse for 5hrs!!  We have always had the ability to not talk for months, even a year at a time and be able to pick up right where we left off.  She had no idea that I was going to be there- and so we reconnected again and started talking about how they met, what was going on in each others lives, marriage, kids, engagements, CMA Fest, etc. At one point I think we planned out their wedding, start to finish in 30 minutes.


So….Without further adieu….

Here is Lauren’s engagement story!

“We were in Nashville for the CMA music fest and it backed up to Gabe’s work conference which happened to be held at the Opryland.  So we decided to go shopping for clothes to wear to an event at the Wild Horse Saloon that the place rented out for his conference.  Needless to say, after 2 hours of him being patient as I tried on a hundred or so outfits, we found the perfect one to go with my cowboy boots. When we left the store he wanted to go and see this cannon in the square in the middle of town (holding back my excitement) I did not want to see this cannon!  After a few minutes, I reluctantly gave in haha.  The next thing I knew he was down on one knee holding out a ring.  I said yes!  I don’t even know what he said, as I was in a completely different world at that point.  All I know is that after having been through so much loss in my life, and never giving up on love. I truly believe the angels in my life brought a man into my life that loves me for who I am, not what I do or what I’ve done or what I look like.  I can’t wait to share this day with him and with you, Twin!  We were always connected through whatever bullshit there was and I am so grateful to have my Twin in my life and that I got to share in your magical day and that you will be sharing in mine!”


It is stories like these and the wedding planning process, that truly make me love my job.  My Twin called me last Thursday asking for some pointers when looking into venues, this then led into a detailed discussion on flowers, decor and an internet play by play on what venues she was going to see!


Twin- your laid back country barn wedding is going to be beautiful! I love you and Gabe so much and Philadelphia Event Planners is happy to help you in any way that we can!  Enjoy this time with Gabe and keep staring at your sparkling finger, enjoy the planning process and being engaged!


Happy Engagement!


Kassie (Twin)