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Sex & Beer….Let’s be Honest! A DIY Valentine’s Day Gift | Philadelphia Event Planners

Lordy Lordy… It’s the same day every year but once again it snuck up on me!  Valentines day!  What to do… What to say.. What to gift? That’s always my last minute dilemma.  I’m always running here and there and take pride on gifting only presents that are “made with love” as Dom my 6 […]

Throwback Thursday | Dominick’s 5th Birthday | Philadelphia Event Planners

It’s time for a little Throwback Thursday!  Although, I do not have my own children yet- Dominick and Christopher were in my wedding and are practically as close to my own kids as I can get right now! Every year for the past 4 years I have helped Karen pull of some pretty awesome kid […]

Philadelphia Event Planners Bring on the Bling for Weddings & Mitzvahs

As per Wikipedia:  Bling (or bling-bling) is a slang term popularized in hip hop culture, referring to flashy, ostentatious or elaborate jewelry and ornamented accessories that are carried, worn or installed, such as cell phones or tooth caps.As a party planner for almost 20 years I personally define bling as…“Any ornate party object that simply […]

College Roommate get’s Engaged at CMA Fest!

              It is just as much of an emotional ride for me when I receive phone calls and text messages when any one my friends get engaged!  I must constantly remind myself to take my excitement down a notch because I would be just as much of a screaming […]

Larry Kilcullen Advises About Home Buying in Philadelphia And On The Mainline!

  Philadelphia Event Planners has many couples that are planning a wedding and buying a house at the same time! Buying a house can be both expensive and a stressful time even for the most seasoned of couples. What about those who are willing to make the commitment of purchasing a house before the walk down […]

Philadelphia Event Planners Announces This Years Graduation Party Trend…. Candy Bars!

          It’s that time of year again, next month thousands of parents in the Philadelphia & Mainline area will be overwhelmed with joy as they watch their child walk across the stage. All over the nation people will be filled with nothing but sheer happiness. It is a special occasion, which […]

Philadelphia Event Planners helps roll out JFCS Reel Abilities Film Festival

The Reel Abilities Film Festival envelopes what JFCS is all about…celebrating the joys and supporting the challenges of  an individual’s life journey.  JFCS does this from the very beginnings of life for a baby and a family, through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, the senior years and eventually the end of life.  Making sure that all individuals, […]

Philadelphia Event Planners- Cheers For CHOP

Jon and Jen Rodack are two of the coolest kids (40 year old cool kids) in town!  I met Jon when hired to help him with a surprise party for Jen’s birthday.  Planning mostly via texting, I was able to quickly understand Jon’s vision. (Jen Rodack’s Surprise 40th Birthday) Soon after that party Jon recommended […]

Philadelphia Event Planners tours The Crowne Plaza Valley Forge

Across from the King of Prussia mall sits The Crowne Plaza Valley Forge, which is a lot bigger with a lot more to offer than most are aware of. With two beautiful ballrooms, 225 guest rooms and packages for all kinds of occasions from corporate events and weddings to rehearsal dinners and bridal showers; the […]

New Restaurant comes to the Mainline

30 Main has recently joined the restaurant family in Berwyn and has been making a huge statement.  Based off a Manhattan style restaurant, 30 Main serves contemporary American cuisine including small plates and exquisite large plates to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Established business owners, the DiDomenico family felt that a new restaurant would be a […]