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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Philadelphia Event Planners decided to have a luncheon to celebrate how wonderful our summer has been. We were picking out linens, flowers, placemats, glassware, when we noticed that the color scheme that was happening reminded us of a bridal shower themed luncheon. It was girly, glitzy, and glam. We had glass mason jars with a […]

Philadelphia Event Planners at Work!

One would say it was a busy work day, but we consider it a typical office day for Philadelphia Event Planners! On Wednesday, the day began with a visit to the Cut Flower Exchange warehouse in Conshohocken. We inspected what flowers we ordered for our upcoming event on Friday and picked out a few more […]

Philadelphia Event Planner’s list Top Favorite Restaurants for Date Night

          Phone calls, stress, headaches, and decisions on napkin colors  etc…. All minor complaints some brides may be experiencing. Philadelphia Event Planners is here to tell you to take a wedding vacation for 24 hours. What do we suggest you do on your wedding vacation? Date night of course- but you […]

College Roommate get’s Engaged at CMA Fest!

              It is just as much of an emotional ride for me when I receive phone calls and text messages when any one my friends get engaged!  I must constantly remind myself to take my excitement down a notch because I would be just as much of a screaming […]

Philadelphia Event Planner shares “Things I Love”….

When creating a perfect table to entertain guests I love a few things.  This image taken by Jeff Dietz showcases a few of my favorite things… Starting a perfect creation with a rectangle table allows a unique display of fresh cut flowers in clusters running along the center of the table.  In this picture you […]

Mainline Event Planners Supports Local Veterans, Fred Nudy

On April 5, 2014 at the Italian American Club in Wayne at the 1st Annual Fred Nudy Veterans Service Dinner there will be a granite fire pit that will be raffled off.  Donated by: Marc Lieberman from Forever Stone. The fire pit is made from recycled granite and is 100% solid stone. Its outside diameter […]

Wear something pretty. Wedding and Event Planner shares her 3 favorite dresses of the week

When your man says “wear something pretty”. You should feel confident, sexy and proud of your girly figure.   Valentines day dinner, spring fundraiser or a friends wedding are all reasons to “wear something pretty”.  I personally love to wear dresses.  It is rare that you find me hanging out in a pair or jeans […]

Philadelphia Event Planners: To Pin or Not To Pin? Definitely Pin!

Hey all my Pinterest Crazed Peeps!   What are you pinning on this lovely snow day? If you are like us and at work thinking about your planning to do list or eager to get home to some warm comfy clothes and begin pinning, we’re your gals- give us a call! We’ll be that back […]

Philadelphia Event Planners “Deck the Halls”: Home Decorating for the Holidays

Throughout the year we support many organizations as they attempt to raise money via silent auctions. Each year Philadelphia Event Planners and Mainline Event Planners has donated about (5-7) gift certificates for in home holiday decorating… We are considered your holiday helpers.                                                 Whatever you have, we use! We design and decorate your house with your […]

Bingo for your Bachelorette Party

Planning a wedding can be expensive, especially for couples who want to go all out on their special day. This is why, as much as possible, brides-to-be would like to keep the bachelorette party affordable without sacrificing fun and entertainment value.   The trick in organizing bachelorette parties is to come up with activities which […]