Bingo for your Bachelorette Party

Planning a wedding can be expensive, especially for couples who want to go all out on their special day. This is why, as much as possible, brides-to-be would like to keep the bachelorette party affordable without sacrificing fun and entertainment value.


The trick in organizing bachelorette parties is to come up with activities which will not place a huge dent in the pocket. The fad nowadays is inclined to games, particularly variations on the classic bingo game. Bingo is considered as a subculture in Philly, with its majestic bingo halls and groups organizing bingo games for local charities. Here are some bingo games you can play for the little party with your girlfriends before you get hitched:


Wedding Bingo
NZ Wedding Planner suggests writing words related to a wedding in the boxes of a bingo card (e.g. love, wedding dress, rings, etc.) with each word having a corresponding piece of paper where it’s written. During the game, the “bingo caller” will draw out words and the guests can mark them on their cards. First one to complete a row or column wins.


Human Bingo
This is similar to collecting gods while progressing in a series of games in BingoGodz—human traits are the boxed items on a bingo card, and the task is to find people who fit the bill. The more people “collected”, the closer you are to the prize.


Present Bingo
If you’re also planning to host a bridal shower after the party, then you might want to use bingo as a vehicle for your gift registry. DIY blog Something Turquoise suggested a Bridal Shower Present Bingo, where each guest may write down in the blank boxes on a bingo card what she thinks the bride will receive as gifts. While the bride opens each present, the players can mark their cards accordingly if they got an item right.