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“Mazel Tov”- Philly Planner’s blast from the past: Mitzvah Mania

Tradition, Tradition! The Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony is a Jewish tradition passed on from generation to generation.  The rite of passage celebrates the beginning of the transition to adulthood.  But after months of preparation for this special day what better way to wind down and truly celebrate than a HUGE party with all of […]

Philadelphia planners celebrate 2011 NACE Gala Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the 2011 NACE Gala!  It’s hard to believe that one year ago today was the party of the year that Philadelphia has ever seen! So many talented industry professionals went into making this gala a success!  It’s not everyday that you get to attend the most fabulous party in a tent in […]

Philadelphia Planner relates Romance to World Series

Love- “It’s got to be that can’t-eat, can’t- sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of thing.”  It’s been a while since I saw that movie with that quote in it.  If you are completely stumped it’s from “It Takes Two.”  I LOVE this quote- it’s so fun and what a cooler way to describe the […]

Newest Philadelphia event planner dishes all of her favorite wedding details

Someone, somewhere once said, that it’s the little things that mean the most. Well, I think the same can be said for weddings. For a jaw dropping dazzle, that will leave guests talking for ages, the attention is in the details. I love all those unique intricacies that contribute to the final “dazzle effect”. Spending […]

Philadelphia wedding planners hurricane survival wedding story

“Rain, Rain go away” chimed Jennifer’s 6 year old nephew as Philadelphia was at the mercy of Hurricane Irene.   He was too cute as he sang the song. Jennifer was excited and so bubbly when we arrived!  I didn’t recognize her from when we first met when she had her hair down.  She was the […]

Philadelphia Wedding Planners Send Off the Summer in Vintage Wedding Style!

As the 2011 wedding season begins to wind down with the cold winter months ahead, Karen Pecora Events ended the whirlwind summer with the glamorous vintage wedding of Danielle & Brady Sieber.  Held at the beautiful Four Seasons in Philadelphia, Danielle crafted her dream wedding of vintage style in a modern urban setting (such a […]

Philadelphia planner creates “Ultimate Photo shoot” for the “Ultimate Birthday Bash”

We love change! And at Karen Pecora Events- things change on a regular basis. So it was no surprise that Karen had conjured up a pretty sweet idea for a new marketing campaign for our “Kid’s Party” division! (See our ad below) We would do a casting call for really cute kids on Facebook to […]

Philadelphia Veteran Planner- Karen Pecora reveals top 5 bouquets…

SO – I recently heard that your bouquet should not be bigger then your head.  Well… I guess I have a big head because I really do like some of these big bouquets. If I got married again this is totally what I would carry… it’s fun and crazy and anything but ordinary!  It features […]

Philadelphia Planner and Fiance choose favorite wedding bouquets

I find it so hard not to ask my friends about what they are doing for their wedding! I was recently at an Oktoberfest party with a few of my friends (one who happens to be getting married on December 3rd) and had the urge to find out all of the details and how dance […]

Philadelphia Planners Choose Top 3 Favorite Bouquets

I have heard someone once say before, when a bride comes down to the aisle, people should think “here comes the bride”… NOT “here comes the bouquet.” Although the main focus should not be the bouquet, it can be a little part that adds on to the bride and makes her shine more on her […]