Confessions of a Jewish Orthodox Wedding

I have never had the experience of assisting Karen at a Jewish Orthodox Wedding.  So when the opportunity came up back in August, I was psyched!! I remember when she started spitting words at me like Bedeken, Tish and Yichud; I was like “How do you spell that?” Thank goodness for Google!   I did however know what the Chuppah was because I helped assemble one.  But the rest I was clueless on.  Once I read about everything and knew what Karen was talking about I thought that all the traditions that went into a Jewish Orthodox Wedding Ceremony were beautiful.

In case those of you who were just as clueless as me in the beginning as to what everything was, let me briefly enlighten you.

The Bedeken translates to “veiling;” is the groom’s veiling of his bride immediately before the ceremony.  This tradition is to make sure that the groom is marrying the right woman. (You’ll see Sam-groom, run through everyone to get to his bride in the slideshow) The Bride sits on a throne like chair while friends and family sing and dance around.  At the Tish “grooms table” all the men gather around as the nervous groom attempts to deliver some words from the Torah but is constantly being interrupted by friends and family to take some pressure off of him.  The Yichud follows directly after the ceremony where the bride and groom get to spend some time alone together.

It was very enlightening to see how other religions celebrate marriage from my own.  It was a truly magnificent ceremony on a beautiful day on the bride’s parent’s property.  The expressions and emotions that the Roey (photographer) captured are simply stunning.  Although it was an extremely long day, and the thought that this wedding was supposed to have 500 guests was a bit overwhelming (final guest count was around 400); everything all came together in the end and everyone was ecstatic as the happy couple: Daniella & Sam were married.

Everyone looked unbelievably gorgeous! The bride’s dress was from Kleinfelds for those of you who watch “Say Yes to the Dress.”  The best way for me to describe it is for you to check out the pictures yourself.  Enjoy!!



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