5 Tips on being sexy on your wedding day by Karen Pecora, Philadelphia Event Planners

Bringing SEXY back!  Five tips on being sexy on your wedding day!

“These tips are for all the ladies!  I know that brides want to look and feel amazing on their wedding day.  A sexy yet sophisticated look is ultimately my personal favorite.  I am sure the grooms would agree as well!”

Says Karen Pecora of Philadelphia Event Planners and Mainline Event Planners.


I recently came across these pictures by my favorite photographer and friend Phil Kramer of Remark Weddings. I remember the shoot that took place a year ago at The DuPortail House, and instantly fell in love with these images all over again.  This shoot inspired me to share with you my 5 tips of being (and feeling) sexy on your wedding day.  The exhilarating feeling of confidence and perfect comfort in your own skin is a great way to start your marriage.


The dress…. Get it right!


Getting your dress right is so important for all brides-to-be!!!  You may want to look cute or sexy, or a balance of both. No matter what look you’re going for, make sure you’re buying a good quality dress as well as figure-flattering.  The key to looking good is feeling good in your dress!  Not too tight and not pulling it up from the neckline on the dancefloor!


Photo Credit: Phil Kramer of Remark Weddings


Show Some Skin…

Yes… that’s right you heard me… Show some skin on your wedding day. Now I am NOT saying trashy… slutty or letting it all hang out.  Super on trend in 2015 is a plunge neckline, a backless detail or subtle slit. I personally love a strapless neckline or illusion detailing!  Your groom will love the attention to detail!

fashion 3

Photo Credit: Phil Kramer of Remark Weddings


Practice your pose…

Yes I know you are busy fussing with last minute details but spend some time in front of a full length mirror.  Get to know your good side.  Not everyone looks natural with the perfect hand on the hip stance.  Find your pose!


Photo Credit: Phil Kramer of Remark Weddings


Water not wine!

Hydrate all week!  Most brides start to hydrate a day or two before the wedding… Water… Water… Water all week!  Your lips will look plump and your skin will hold your makeup longer!  You will feel better and look better and overall last longer.  Skip the wine and add the water all week.


Photo Credit: Phil Kramer of Remark Weddings


Have Fun…

Being sexy comes natural to some woman but not all.  Be “you” on your wedding day – just a little more flirty.  Have fun!  Remember you aren’t in yoga pants or work clothes.  You have called in the professionals you look like you – just a little bit better.  Go for it.  Flirt with your husband and don’t be afraid to flirt with the camera!


Photo Credit: Phil Kramer of Remark Weddings


(Karen’s)Rule number 1 for a happy life:

Love who you are and who you are about to become as you venture into the new land of husband and wife!

(Karen’s) Rule number 2 for a happy life:

Stay Sexy ladies… on your wedding day… on your honeymoon and for the rest of your married life!




Karen Pecora

Philadelphia Event Planners